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This is a guide to help you on your journey to win the game of Hearthstone. It contains a list of the best cards, tips and tricks for playing each class.

The back for blood release date is the upcoming release of the game, which is scheduled for October 30th. It will have new cards, a new story line and more.

In Back 4 Blood, Hoffman is one of the playable Cleaners. You won’t be able to talk to him until later in the game. Instead, after a short time, he and other characters are unlocked. In campaign mode, you just need to finish Act 1 – The Devil’s Return. In Back 4 Blood, here’s our guide to the finest weapons, cards, and advice for Hoffman.

Playing style and abilities

If you choose Hoffman in your Back 4 Blood missions, he comes with the following bonuses by default:

  • Always Prepared – When murdering Ridden, Hoffman has an opportunity to gather ammunition.
  • Cargo Pockets – Increase the team’s maximum ammunition capacity by 10%.
  • Ready To Rock – Increase your offensive inventory by one.
  • Never Be Without — Begin with a supply of ammunition.

Hoffman isn’t especially skilled with any single weapon. His perks, on the other hand, enable him to greatly assist the squad. There’s extra ammunition to go around thanks to Always Prepared, Cargo Pockets, and Never Without. Meanwhile, Ready To Rock expands his arsenal to include offensive throwables such as grenades and Molotov bombs.

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Hoffman’s best cards

We still need more boons with that usefulness, even since Hoffman has excellent perks that give more ammunition. Here are our recommendations for Hoffman’s top cards in Back 4 Blood:

  • Additional offensive items will sprout if you sense more offensive accessories.
  • Two Is One and One Is None – Equip a main weapon in your secondary slot; switch speed is slowed down by 25%.
  • Pyro — Deals 100% fire damage; kills with fire give +3 temporary health; detects combustible items nearby.
  • Bomb Squad has a bonus of 100% explosive damage and a bonus of 35% explosive resistance.
  • Grenade Training gives you a 25% bonus to accessory damage.
  • Demolitions Expert — +50% accessory damage and a -15% ammunition capacity.
  • Improvised Explosives have a bonus of 75% accessory damage and a -25% switch speed.
  • Fire In The Hole – Gain 20 temporary health and +20 percent movement speed for five seconds when you hurl an offensive accessory.
  • Ammo Pouch – increased ammo capacity by 25%.
  • Ridden Slayer increases weak spot damage by 20%.
  • Reckless Strategy — +30% damage to vulnerable spots; -5% damage resistance.
  • Broadside – Precision kills have a 20% chance of triggering Ridden’s explosion, which does 15 damage to surrounding foes.
  • Combat Training – Increased bullet damage by 5% and bullet penetration by 50%.
  • Shredder – Each bullet struck increases the target’s damage by 1% for three seconds; this effect stacks up to 15%.
  • Confident Killer – Gain +1 percent damage (stacks up to 15% until the end of the level) when you or a teammate kills a Mutation.
  • Other cards that boost ammunition or weapon damage — Because Hoffman doesn’t have a single weapon type that he excels at, select cards that concentrate on a certain weapon. If you want to equip assault weapons and light machine guns, for example, you may acquire Tactical Vest.

As you can see, our top card choices for Hoffman in Back 4 Blood include many alternatives that improve his grenade and Molotov cocktail throwing skills. We also recommend the games Two Is One and One Is None. Due to the additional ammunition you may scavenge, neither of your main guns will run out of ammo very frequently. Even still, if you’re playing on higher levels, having cards that give additional ammunition is essential. Your opponents will be more difficult to defeat, necessitating the use of more shots.

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