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One of the most important things in any game is to find ways to make it easier. This guide will show you how to farm blood supply points for your character.

The back 4 blood supply points solo is a guide that will help you farm the Blood Supply Points in Destiny 2.

We’ll show you how to farm Supply Points in Back 4 Blood in our Back 4 Blood Supply Points Farming Guide. Back 4 Blood requires you to unlock and add additional cards to your deck that you may utilize while playing the game. Back 4 Blood relies on your Supply Points to add additional cards, therefore it’s critical to keep adding more Supply Points. This tutorial will assist you in simply farming additional Supply Points for this reason.

Back 4 Blood Farming Guide – Supply Points

Everything you need to know about supply points in Back 4 Blood is covered in our Back 4 Blood Supply Points Farming Guide.

Back 4 Blood: How to Farm Supply Points

Before we get started with the tutorial, it’s essential to note that this technique was originally published on YouTube by PNDK&M. You can also see his video tour of this tutorial by clicking on the link below. This tutorial is for you if you prefer the written version.


To begin farming, you must first have certain items in your squad that will significantly help you and make your runs more efficient. After a minute of gaming, if you have everything set up correctly, you will be able to gather 52 Supply Points, which is a reasonable quantity of farming.

In the task Heralds of the Worm Part 1, which occurs at the conclusion of Act 2 of the main campaign, set the difficulty to Veteran and battle the Ogre and the special infected. You’ll need the whole collection of explosive perk cards to get the greatest effects. This will greatly assist you in completing the task as quickly as possible. Invite your buddies over, although the task may also be completed with only one bot player.

You should attempt to have the following build for the task in your build:

  • Bomb Squad is a group of people that have been
  • Cross-Training Shoes
  • Dash
  • Expert in Demolitions
  • Grenade Pouch with Two Grenades
  • Drinking Energy
  • Evasive Behavior
  • Fleet-footed
  • Cannon made of glass
  • Training with grenades
  • Explosives Made-on-the-Spot
  • Sprinter in the Olympic Games
  • Superior Cardiovascular Performance
  • Pouches in Excess

You may throw as many grenades at your opponents as you like with this build. Your opponents, including the ogre, will take the most damage from each grenade you toss. Because explosives are the most effective weapon against the ogre, it is critical that you destroy it as soon as possible. There’s also the fact that the build will let you run fast after the specialties are dead.

Farming Techniques

Go inside the store as soon as the task begins and purchase as many frag grenades as you can. You may purchase a bottle of pills and various accessories for your weapons after you have the maximum amount of frag grenades you can carry. Then, at the foot of the hill, open the gate and go ahead to spawn the ogre. The ogre will begin to approach you. Start firing grenades at it once it is within range of your grenades. The grenades will swiftly dispatch the specialties and the Ogre.

All you have to do now is run towards the safe house after the ogre and specials have been defeated. If you are trapped, use pipe bombs to distract the attackers and clear a path to the safe house. Make care to eliminate two Sleepers along the way. One may be found at the corner, while the other is near the safe house. Make a point of keeping an eye out for them. You may grind this part for as long as you like after your initial run. As you get more familiar with the farming run, be sure to reduce your timings each time.

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Our Back 4 Blood Supply Points Farming Guide is now complete. If you have anything to contribute to this tutorial, please do so in the comments area below.

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