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League of Legends is the most played game in the world. So what Skarner skins are best? We’re ranking all of them for you here!

Skarner is a melee fighter that excels in the jungle. He has a unique passive that allows him to stun enemies with his ultimate, which can be devastating for opponents. Skarner skins are not only beautiful but also offer great utility when it comes to gameplay.

When it comes to skin releases, it’s no secret that Riot has preferences.

Some champions receive a new skin every six months, while others go years without being touched.

Skarner falls into the latter group, with just a handful of skins spanning more over 10 years.

But it doesn’t stop me from looking at and evaluating the skins he does have. Or, at the very least, fight the power.


Skarner, Skarner, Skarner, Skarner, Skarner, Skarner, S

Riot Games is responsible for this image.

Date of Publication: April 26th, 2015 The price is 975 RP.

So, first and foremost, let’s get the nice stuff out of the way.

The crystal spires are very lovely, with sand patches concealing a Shurima gem of some kind. It seems to be extremely apt.

Furthermore, this skin has the greatest W motion of the group, thanks to the excellent, realistic, and distinctive texturing.

However, I despise his appearance.

Oh, my gosh, it’s so shabby.

I always feel like I’m ready to enchant something in Black Desert and then chuck my computer out the window whenever I see that tiny face come up.

Skarner isn’t exactly a showy champion.

It all goes sour if the character model isn’t correct.


Skarner, Earthrune

Earthrune Skarner Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Released on August 9th, 2011 with a cost of 520 RPG Points

This is just a lovely and secure option.

It’s a very inexpensive skin that keeps true to Skarner’s original concept while vastly improving it.

Although it doesn’t have a lot of visual or sound effects, the character model is good enough to make it a viable option.

He seems to be much more old and mystical, which is something I believe the basic skin lacked.

So, if you don’t like to go overboard, or if you simply prefer the champion’s original look, Earthrune Skarner is the champion for you.


Skarner Skarner Skarner Skarner Skarner Skarner Skarner Skarner S

Cosmic Sting Skarner Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On November 24th, 2020, the film will be released. 1350 RP is the price.

This skin, I’m sure, has a particular place in the hearts of many Skarner players, since it was the most recent to be released — after a five-year hiatus, no less.

However, I am unable to claim that it is the greatest.

Yes, it has all of the contemporary skin’s bells and whistles, including particles strewn around.

Not only does the character model make him appear more significant and strong, but it also makes him look less like a flying popstar podium.

It doesn’t feel like Skarner, however.

Instead of the normal crystal method, your W just turns you prestige. And your claws resemble a pair of clumsy wings.

The splash art, on the other hand, is rather good.

We won’t have to wait another five years for the next one, hopefully.


2. Skarner Sandscourge

Sandscourge Skarner Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 9th of August, 2011 was the date of release. The price is 975 RP.

This skin had all the makings of becoming the greatest of the best, yet it faltered a little.

This is my favorite character model out of all of them. It’s the only skin that goes all out with the scorpion motif.

And, since it’s the only item like it in the game, it makes him seem really distinct and intriguing.

The colors are basic, yet they all work together. When the animations kick in, though, it seems a little off-putting.

It would have been S-tier if Riot had updated his particles to be more sand-focused rather than the normal lightning.

Sandscourge Skarner, on the other hand, will have to settle for second place.


Skarner Skarner Skarner Skarner Skarner Skarner Skarner

Battlecast Alpha Skarner Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On November 25th, 2014, the film was released. 1820 RP is the price.

Surprisingly, the most costly skin is also the best.

How am I supposed to overlook the fact that he has chainsaws for hands?

I also like this E the most out of all of his skins since it has a strong effect without being cheesy.

Above all, this is the only skin in which his ult makes sense.

His tail is a spike connected to a chain, which we can see when you move him around.

When it comes to robot scorpions, why is realism so important? Who knows what will happen.

What I do know is that this death animation is much superior than the creepy crawly original. As well as the dance.

If we’re being honest, Battlecast Alpha Skarner simply nailed it across the board.

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