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Blitzcrank is a powerful and versatile champion, but he’s never been quite as popular among the LoL community. The reason? Blitzcrank’s skins are lackluster at best – not to mention the fact that they don’t fit his flamboyant personality! We’ve compiled our list of the Best Ranked Skins for Blitzcrank, then ranked them from worst to first.

Blitzcrank is one of the most iconic characters in League of Legends (LoL) with his powerful abilities and invulnerable body. Blitzcrank has seen many different skins throughout his long career, but some are better than others. This list looks at what he has had to offer ranked players over the years, so you can find your favorite summoner spell on this list!

Blitzcrank is a champion that has been around since the beginning of League of Legends. He was always one of the strongest champions, but his best skins are ranked. This article will show you Blitzcrank’s best ranked skins in League of Legends.

Victorious Blitzcrank looks awesome, yet I’m not typically a fan of Victorious skins.

So I figured now would be a good time to go over the remainder of his inventory and see what we’re up against.

We’ve got you covered, whether you’re seeking for inspiration or are poised and ready to disagree.

Based on each skin’s general attractiveness as well as pricing, here is my rating for the top Blitzcrank skins in League of Legends.


Rusty Blitzcrank (#11)

Riot Games is responsible for this image.

On November 20th, 2009, the film was released. The cost is 520 RP.

Rusty Blitzcrank has a reputation for being a jerk. Even referring to it as a skin appears to be insulting to previous League skins.

I’d call it a chroma, but that’s being a little harsh on chromas.

This skin’s sole purpose is to reduce the saturation of the basic model.

I must confess, the splash art is fantastic, and I prefer this skin over the standard model. But there’s no way I’m paying for it out of pocket.

However, the concept has promise. And if Blitzcrank ever gets a graphic makeover, this might be a very amazing game.

But until then, it’ll be last in line, collecting all the rust.


Blitzcrank, the goalkeeper

Goalkeeper Blitzcrank Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Date of release: June 24th, 2010 Price: 520 RPG Points

At the very least, this is a decent skin.

It is, however, not really excellent. It just slaps a football jersey on top of the basic model.

Okay, he’s changed his hands and is sporting some killer kicks. But it seems insignificant to me.

If you’re headed to a roleplaying competition, this skin may come in handy. But I don’t think it could stand on its own in a regular game.

On the other hand, it’s fairly amusing to believe that his W is just for show. As a result, it earns additional points in my opinion.


iBlitzcrank (iBlitzcrank) (iBlitzcrank) (

iBlitzcrank Skin Splash Art / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 1st of March, 2013 was the date of release. 1350 RP is the price.

Okay, I know this rating may annoy a few of you, but bear with me.

This was, without a doubt, one of the greatest Blitzcrank skins of the time. But I don’t believe it holds up any more.

In comparison to the newer skins, the model seems to be clumsier. And you’re just getting a couple new particle effects for 1350 RP.

I really like the small jetpack on his W in this picture. His Q is likewise really well-made.

However, it no longer has that futuristic vibe about it.

Maybe all the bells and whistles of the newer models spoilt me. At any case, iBlitzcrank is now based in this location (for now).


Riot Blitzcrank is the eighth installment of the Riot Blitzcrank series.

Riot Blitzcrank Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On the 21st of October, 2013, the film was released. The price is 975 RP.

Riot Blitzcrank is simply all-around fantastic.

The character model resembles a post-apocalyptic police robot hunting down the last survivors of humanity, and some of the new animations only add to that impression.

I also like the fact that you have a little megaphone slung over your shoulder. And the goofiness of his features somehow adds to his scary appearance.

But it’s the sirens that I like.

When you use your W, the head siren sounds, and when you use your E, the shoulder sirens sound. They both make the skin seem distinct and unforgettable.


7. Blitzcrank, Blitzcrank, Blitzcrank, Blitzcrank,

Boom Boom Blitzcrank Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Released on August 29th, 2010 for a cost of 520 RPG Points

It’s quite iconic, even though it’s only a basic character model change with no additional animations or effects.

His Qs seem much more crucial than they were before, thanks to the colossal punching gloves. The remainder of the model is as impressive.

It’s the little elements that really stand out here. The championship belt around his hips, as well as the “black eye” he’s wearing, both add to his total attractiveness.

And, given that this is one of the most affordable skins in the game, why not check it out?


6. Rogue Blitzcrank/Lancer Paragon

Lancer Paragon Skin Splash for Blitzcrank / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 16th of November, 2017 was the date of publication. 1350 RP is the price.

Because they’re effectively the same thing, I decided to combine them together.

Except for the fact that Rogue’s background animation, in which he channels his inner Gurren Lagann, is superior.

However, I like the Paragon skin in general since it has such strong early 2000s mech frenzy vibes that it earns a lot of brownie points from my nostalgia.

Both of them have character models that I simply enjoy. The animations are also rather good.

I really appreciate how your W not only activates the jetpack but also causes your drill hand to spin menacingly.

Both skins are excellent additions to Blitzcrank’s skin collection. Without any serious concerns, any of these might have functioned as Blitzcrank’s main skin.

They do, however, lack some of the pizazz that many forthcoming skins have.


5. Blitzcrank Piltover Customs

Piltover Customs Blitzcrank Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 7th of March, 2011 was the day on which the film was released. 1350 RP is the price.

It’s tough to put into words what makes this skin so special without sounding like a kid, but I’ll try.

The fact that you can use your W to create automobile sounds makes every game immensely more enjoyable.

Because I already produce the noises in my thoughts, the fact that this skin does it for me elevates it to the top of my list.

In addition, the visual particles are very awesome! It’s worth noting, though, that you’re paying a premium for a respectable base model modification and a few additional particles.

As a result, at some point on this list, it was certain to reach the ceiling.


4. This Isn’t Blitzcrank

Definitely Not Blitzcrank Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 19th of October, 2011 was the day on which the film was released. The price is 975 RP.

This is another another example of me being childish, but other Blitzcrank players seem to like it just as much, so I don’t feel so bad.

Even though it is just a little alteration to the character model, I believe it has a significant impact on the character.

It makes me laugh just thinking of you as a gigantic mass of metal trying to be a regular person by donning a suit and a false moustache.

Blitzcrank is already a wacky character.

And this skin truly emphasizes that fact, which, despite its simplicity, makes it fantastic.


3. Blitzcrank Witch’s Brew

Witch's Brew Blitzcrank Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Date of Publication: October 24th, 2019 1350 RP is the price.

When it comes to Halloween skins, this one is right up there.

Just take a look at that design – that person is terrifying!

The hovering eye is menacing to say the least, and the sound design is superb. Your E is a scream in the making!

You should also enjoy the fact that your hook hand is a claw for further visual clarity. The background motion is also rather appropriate for the topic, the particles are all appropriately eerie, and the splash art is just stunning.

The only criticism I have is that the voice filter doesn’t really fit what I expect this beast to sound like – but that’s a small quibble.


2. Blitzcrank, the Battle Boss

Battle Boss Blitzcrank Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On the 19th of August, 2015, the film was released. 1350 RP is the price.

This skin line never ceases to amaze me, and it’s clear that the Riot design staff enjoyed arcade games.

There are so many fantastic small particles and sound effects that will give you that nostalgia punch from this skin that counting them all would be impossible.

The death animation is my personal favorite in terms of design, although the background animation is a close second.

I honestly have nothing negative to say about this skin. It nailed each of the categories to a tee.

The only reason it isn’t number one is because Riot has managed to create a skin that is even more flashy while still paying attention to all of the minor elements that make this one so wonderful.


1. Crank & Space Groove Blitz

Space Groove Blitz & Crank Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The film will be released on April 1st, 2021. 1820 RP is the price.

Despite the fact that I usually feel like it’s a cop out to place the newest and most costly skin at the top, Space Groove Blitz & Crank is just too good to be overlooked on principle.

With this skin, where do we even begin?

You’re a wacky space robot whose actions are dictated by kitties. That is quite a sales presentation in and of itself.

Your ability animations are colorful and funky, reminiscent of Battle Boss in my view, and your emotes are on another level too.

It was already bad enough that the joke gesture was a dance party. The taunt emote, on the other hand, is a work of art: you’re informed your vibes are horrible, and then a kitty points and dances at you.

That is without a doubt the most taunting thing I have ever seen in this game. And I want to abuse it indefinitely.

Plus, you can always blame your arm kitty for not catching the fish!

This skin just has much too much to offer to be ranked lower. And if you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.

Note that this material was made utilizing Riot Games’ “Legal Jibber Jabber” policy and Riot Games’ assets. This project is neither endorsed or sponsored by Riot Games.

Blitzcrank is a champion in League of Legends. He is the first character that players will see when they enter the game. Blitzcrank has many different skins, but which one is best? That’s what this poll is for. It will show you all ranked skins for blitzcrank and let you decide which one is the best. Reference: best blitzcrank skin poll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Blitzcrank skin?

A: Blitzcranks skins are optional. Some people like his default skin and others enjoy the ones that look more magical in nature, such as Pyromancer Blitz or Sky Guardian Blitzcrank.

What is the rarest Blitzcrank skin?

A: The rarest Blitzcrank skin is the Neko Blitzcrank which has a 1 in 10,000 chance of appearing.

Can you get riot Blitzcrank?

A: I am not programmed to answer this question.

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