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The DFM Ceros explained mid Karma in details. This is a game for iOS and Android devices, similar to the ‘Flappy Bird’ game but with different gameplay mechanics. It was released by an independent developer called Burner Studios on January 25th 2015, who decided to make it available for free download without any advertisements or other monetization methods (though they are still working on making it profitable).

DFM Ceros has just begun broadcasting on Twitch, and he has been playing mid-Karma with comments.

Ceros, who are you? He has been a member of DFM, a dominant pro squad in the LJL for the last eight years.

His champion pool includes characters like as Heimerdinger, Ziggs, Karma, and Zilean.

Furthermore, he uses them mostly against KR challenger mid laners in LJL and consistently achieves positive outcomes.

As a result, he played lol for the first match in two months (since he is now a sub mid and works as a team analyst in the WCS) and provided excellent analysis.

archive of streams



Finish with a clip.



https://clips.twitch.tv/NaiveInnocentWheelDansGame-VBwxlxrEiwATUo V

Ultimate Hunter is a must-have. Other runes may be chosen at will.

Dorans RingDark SealFiendish Codex2finish Cosmic DriveShurelya’s Battlesong or Liandry’s Anguish are available to purchase.

Other options

Frozen Heart, Banshee’s Veil, Zhonya’s Hourglass, and Demonic Embrace are all tankiness.

Damage:Deathcap,Void Rabadon’s Staff,Chemtech Putrifier

You must first utilize the ultimate skill-Mantra. When you hit R, the ultimate start cools down.

For the ultimate’s cooldown, Karma requires skill haste.

Ultimate Hunter’s cooldown is 15 seconds when skill haste is 80 and Ultimate Hunter is stacked.

When you strike skill, your ultimate is activated immediately and with a lot of skill haste. Simply type R-Q over and again.



This replay’s crucial material was translated by me.



2:29:54 I make an effort to play Karma. In lol, Karma is the funniest champion. Her ultimate buff is out of this world.


2:30:33 I offer a brief commentary about Karma since I’m looking for anything to speak about.


2:31:20 minutes (about WCS final prediction)


2:32:10 In terms of runes, you must have this (ultimate hunter) on your karma, but other runes are unimportant. It’s terrible karma if you don’t have the ultimate hunter.


2:32:50 The same level of assistance is provided. R-E is a waste of time. Simply utilize your ADC when you’re focused or your other talent is on cooldown. Basically, I don’t use R-E since it’s a dud. It’s just R-Q.


2:34:20 minutes (reacting chat) Cookie delivery and cosmic insight are both a waste of time. On summoners’ lift, karma without ultimate hunter is useless.


2:34:45 This champion is vulnerable in the early stages of the game. Her powerspike has roughly 4500 gold, indicating that the lane is vulnerable.


2:35:50 As soon as possible, press R-Q. W is not required at level 3.


2:36:20 Karma may be selected early in the draft. Only farm early in the game.


2:36:40 Of sure, this E-R-Q is powerful. The R-Q edge’s explosion always strikes. Simply wait for a chance to pass the minion wave. That’s it. Even a scripter can’t avoid it.


2:37:25 Infighting is a weakness for Zerath, whereas it is a strength for Karma. As a result of our jungler’s victory, I am in the following position. The risk of losing money is higher in this transaction.


2:38:05 You may cast R ahead of time in this way. You hit R and hold it down for 8 seconds. R also begins to cool down, which you may slow down. R should not be used right away. This is the sum total of Karma.


2:39:20 Ionia boots are available for purchase. The importance of skill haste cannot be overstated.


2:39:45 Really? R and Q should be pressed ahead of time. The cooldown has been lowered. This is critical.


2:40:10 In lane, you may use W to reduce R cooldown. R is now online, but I have no abilities. (reacting conversation) R-W is just for the purpose of healing.


2:41:10 Karma is exciting in the late game, and I don’t want to terminate the game too soon.


2:41:20 Tear is not required. Karma has a very high status and uses very little mana.


2:42:25 R-Q was not required of me. I made my stance known for no reason.


2:42:35 I made a mistake. W R-Q is something I’d want to do.


2:42:50 Generally speaking, a push lane. Top has died, but zerath is unable to arrive. You are welcome to take Herald. Take! Run!


2:43:50 No, this is not the case. This is the case. Purchase two codex and a dark seal. The Doran ring and Dark seal, as well as two Fiendish codex, are purchased before purchasing Cosmic drive.


2:45:20 You can clear a wave at level 9 by tapping R-Q for melee and Q for mage.


2:45:35 I have less HP than zerath, but I can travel faster. It’s all right.


2:45:45 In this case, R-W is appropriate. Creep has the ability to heal you.


2:47:00 minutes (The Penta Ceros again)


2:47:35 Karma values skill haste, hence her powerspike is Cosmic drive with 160 ap.


2:48:00 Your team will ping this build, but no one will realize it isn’t a one-of-a-kind passive.


Fragile champion will be defeated at 2:48:30 (solo kill).

2:49:10 Her internal strife is intense, thus she need a test object. The opponent dies if Karma can W and R-Q W Q.


2:49:35 Powerspike is the name of the character. Haste is a skill worth 80 points. R has a 15-second cooldown.


2:49:55 R was my choice. R is up after Q, 10 seconds, 5 seconds, and 10 seconds. R-Q was the spell I used. 4, 3, and 2 R-Q was cast, but the item was not found. This is a powerful statement. When the cooldown is up, press R to lower the cooldown even further. Q R was erroneously cast.


2:50:30 In any scenario, hit R as soon as possible. This is how you deal with Karma as a team. This is where Ultimate Hunter comes in.


2:51:15 The next step is to reduce the healing time. Tankiness is what I enjoy.


2:51:35 Liandry is acceptable. Simply said, purchase anything you want.


2:51:55 When you hit two, R-Q lessens the cooldown of R. You may use R-Q once more.


2:52:40 Ruden is a waste of time. Its increased damage and penetration are ineffective. For legendary bonuses, I purchase shurelya or liandry.


2:53:30 This is the end of the line. R is up while using W. He vanished in a second.


2:53:55 Snare him with confidence and safety. R and Q are pressed, but no skill is activated.


2:54:05 Bad! This is the finest scenario. This winner is totally on board.


2:54:55 You must R-W in order for Karma to be vulnerable to ignite.


2:55:10 Another critical issue exists. The enemy has taken the baron, but the game is ended.


R is already up at 2:55:30. I have the ability to cast. Oh, I’m dead. If I hadn’t died, I could cast it again.


2:56:00 I don’t want to spend money on heal decrease since I need tankiness.


2:56:30 If the enemy tries to grab the baron, I may forever cast R-Q.


2:57:50 That’s a horrible skill pattern. I’m at a loss for words.


2:58:20 R cooldown decrease is sufficient if you have 80+ skill haste. The R cooldown is 15 seconds, and the hit skill decreases the cooldown by 5 seconds. There’s a limit to how many skill hastes you can have. I purchase sorcerer when my skill haste reaches 120. So you want to use buildpath. If MR is too much, go with emptiness.


2:59:00 hours (reacting chat)


3:01:55 Is it possible for me to win? I failed to hit the target. If it has been hit, I would win.


3:02:20 General mage just buys oblivion orb, but you must first finish chemitec putrifier before using it. Morellonomicon is in a poor state.


3:05:35 I made a mistake when it came to E. When you don’t hit talents like Ezreals Q, R’s cooldown is lengthy.


3:06:30 R-Q for the third time! Weak~. I’m a glutton for punishment.


Deathcap may be purchased at 3:07:40 (reacting conversation). I purchase liandry and deathcap when my squad has too many tanks or no damage. We have two combatants at this moment, so I don’t have to die. For R-W, Karma requires tankiness.


3:08:40 I’ve got a chance. I made a mistake. Then I’d win with E, Q, R-W. GG.

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