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Genshin Impact is one of the most popular mobile games in Japan. The game has captivated Japanese gamers for over 10 years, appealing to a wide range of audiences by providing everything from classic arcade-style gameplay to cutting-edge AR/VR experiences. With updates like these, Genshis’ popularity will only continue to grow throughout 2019 and beyond!

Genshin Impact 2.3 leaks with a ton of new features and events, as well as characters.

MiHoYo just had their monthly livestream, which featured the forthcoming Genshin Impact edition. There will be a slew of new events and characters coming soon, as well as a slew of massive content drops for players to enjoy. The video showed the most, if not all, of the game’s new events and features.

All of the new events, features, and characters in Genshin Impact Version 2.3 are listed here.

Itto Arataki and Gorou

Image courtesy of miHoYo

Itto and Gorou are the two new characters introduced in Version 2.3 of Genshin Impact. Itto is a support character that specializes in boosting Geo characters, while Gorou is a primary DPS character who has already been datamined. Both characters will appear on the same banner, according to leaks, but we’ll have to wait till miHoYo reveals formal details on their individual banners.

Reruns of Albedo and Eula

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MiHoYo is hosting an unique double rerun banner for the first time. During Version 2.3, Albedo and Eula will be featured in a new narrative event. At the same time, both characters will have a rerun banner, enabling players to summon for any character. This is a feature that miHoYo has indicated will be brought back in the future.

Snowstorms and Shadows is an event that takes place in the winter.

Everything-coming-to-Genshin-Impact-with-update-23-%E2%80%93-eventsImage courtesy of miHoYo

This new event will star Albedo, who will assume a more evil character (as it appears in the trailer.) In a strange new event in Dragonspine, Eula, Bennett, and Amber are seen battling Albedo.

Throughout the clip, snippets of the new events can be seen, which seem to encompass a range of activities such as creating snowmen and sliding down ice mountains. We’ll have to wait and watch how small occurrences like this will culminate in a clash with Albedo.

The Case Files of Bantan Sango: The Warrior Dog

1636762104_931_Everything-coming-to-Genshin-Impact-with-update-23-%E2%80%93-events Image courtesy of miHoYo

The Bantan Sango detective agency in Inazuma is another event coming to Genshin Impact in Version 2.3. Dogs will be used to assist you in solving a case. (Everything seems to be really adorable.) Beyond that, there’s no official information about this event, however rumors indicate you could get a teapot pet if you participate…

Realm of Light in the Misty Dungeon

1636762105_402_Everything-coming-to-Genshin-Impact-with-update-23-%E2%80%93-eventsImage courtesy of miHoYo

The Misty Dungeon: Realm of Light is a dungeon event that was first introduced in Genshin Impact. You enter a unique dungeon where you may fight several fights with various pre-determined characters. Complete this event to get a range of goodies and the opportunity to play as characters you wouldn’t usually.

Fruition of the Energy Amplifier


There isn’t much information available regarding this incident. You’ll “meet with the Sumeru scholar Hosseini once again in Liyue,” according to miHoYo. His recent research efforts have been refocused on the Energy Amplifier.” This Energy Amplifier seems to be used to combat a series of fights.

Spectacular Merchandise


The Return of Marvelous Merchandise! A nice-looking NPC needs a wide range of materials. When you present them to him, he presents you with a package containing a variety of treats. Depending on your planet, the awards will be different.

Series IV of Hangout Events

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Beidou and Gorou, both 4-star characters, will be allowed to participate in new Hangout activities. Because a 4-star character hasn’t gotten a narrative quest in a while, it looks like you’ll get to know your 4-star heroes a bit better via Hangout Events rather than story quests like Razor and Xingqiu.

New Weapons and Artifacts

In Genshin Impact, certain new artifacts and weapons will be accessible. Husk of Opulent Dreams, Redhorn Stonethresher, Ocean Hued Clam (renamed from Divine Chorus), and Cinnabar Spindle

Genshin Impact 2.3 is coming soon with a lot of new features and events. The release date for the update is unknown, but it will be released in the future. Reference: genshin impact 2.2 release date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Genshin impact going to add more characters?

A: I am not sure, but it is possible.

What characters should I Main in Genshin impact?

A: I would recommend maining Ganondorf as he is the strongest character in game.

Can you meet other characters in Genshin impact?

A: No, you cannot meet other characters in the game.

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