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The new Far Cry 6 update has been released, and it is time to complete the Cocodrilo special operation. This guide will show you how to complete this mission in a few simple steps.

The far cry 6 special operations stash is a location in the game where players can find weapons and items.

Lola informs you about a black-market weapons dealer who has a PG-240X unit that you may take at his favorite crocodile’s burial for this solo or co-op special mission in Far Cry 6. Lola leaves you off at a nearby lighthouse, and your mission is to enter Villa Cocodrilo, seize the PG-240X, and flee before it overheats and explodes.

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You won’t receive waypoints or GPS, and you won’t be able to see your own location on the special operation map, so pay attention to the direction you’re traveling and constantly checking the map to make sure you don’t get lost. Cocodrilo is a lengthy and difficult task, like other special operations, therefore we recommend employing stealth as far as possible. It’ll be a lot simpler now that you’re not being pursued by team after squad. Also, keep moving ahead and avoid backtracking too much, since numerous attackers will respawn behind you fast.

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Stock up on ammunition and modifications from Lola’s cab and the adjacent workshop, then deal with the soldier patrolling near the foot of the stairs discreetly. Take the stairwell down, continue the route, and kill two more soldiers. At the fork, keep right, pass under the first bridge, cross the second bridge, and continue the route around to the south. Although the route seems to stop on the mini-map, you may continue to follow it as it winds south and east. Follow the sign for Villa Cocodrilo to the left at the junction. Continue following the signs through a complex on the right side of the road, then around the next bend to see Villa Cocodrilo.

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Take a left off the beaten path and follow the stone wall to an open gate. Use your phone to spy for troops protecting the home, then approach as quietly as possible to eliminate as many of them. The alarm is located on the left side of the entrance door; attempt to turn it off before anybody uses it, and avoid being caught by the camera immediately above it. Roco may roam the home, but we tracked him down (and killed him) in the main downstairs living area. The PG-240X is located upstairs in a room in the house’s northwest corner.

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Now that you have the PG-240X, you must maintain it cool by staying in the shade and using water to cool it down as required. To the north west of the home, for example, there is a fountain. Begin by returning the direction you came, staying in the shade and stopping at the compounds and streams to refill your water bottle. There’s no way to go back up the drop you came down before, so you can’t travel all the way back the way you came. As a result, you’ll need to follow the route past a small tobacco plantation before continuing west to where it intersects with the main road.

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Turn right off the main road to continue north after passing through a small hamlet. The slaughterhouse is a good place to cool down before continuing north to the lighthouse. While you wait for Lola, you’ll have to defend yourself from numerous waves of attackers. There are water sources here, but you won’t need to risk going for water if you locate a place with shade and protection. To finish the job, use a weapon that does blast damage to take down the helicopter, then mop up the rest of the troops.

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Far Cry 6 is out and I am here to help you complete the Cocodrilo special operation in the game. Reference: is far cry 6 out.

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