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Pyro is a character in the Team Fortress 2 video game, and it’s one of their most popular characters. Pyro has been around since early 2003 when Valve released it as part of the mod for Quake III Arena called “Source”. It was later re-released into full time TF2, but not until 2009 did they finally update its textures to fully fit with today’s standards.

The “genshin impact tier list” is a ranking of all the Pyro characters in the game. It includes their damage, health, and speed.

The characters in Genshin Impact are separated into several elements, and each one has a different level of utility. It’s nice to have characters from many elements to mix up your teams and elemental responses, but knowing which characters from each element are worth it is crucial.

The Pyro element in Genshin Impact is commonly regarded as one of the greatest in the game, with powerful reactions such as Melt and Vaporize at its disposal. In Genshin Impact, several Pyro characters help establish the meta, with most of the top teams using at least one Pyro character. You’ll almost certainly utilize a Pyro character in one of your teams since the element is so versatile.

Even if the character is a support, Pyro characters have access to a lot of damage because to elemental reactions. As a consequence, when using the Pyro element, you’ll be dealing a lot of damage.

All of the Genshin Impact Pyro characters have been evaluated from least helpful to most impactful.


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This one, I believe, was foreseen by everyone. Amber is a free beginning character in the game who is known for being the poorest character in the game.

Fortunately, in Genshin Impact, all of the characters are playable. You can make Amber work if you truly like her and want to utilize her as your primary character. There is currently no stuff that none of the characters can pass. Amber, on the other hand, does minimal damage, is clumsy, and, sadly, is the game’s weakest character.


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Xinyan’s main problem is that her equipment is incomprehensible. She scales off both DEF and ATK, making her difficult to construct. Xinyan can play support with her shield or main DPS with Physical damage, although she isn’t very good at either.

At higher constellations, her support and damage-dealing powers strengthen, so it’s not hard to make good use of Xinyan. It won’t be simple, and only the most dedicated Xinyan fans should attempt it.


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Yanfei is a competent primary DPS who works well with characters such as Xingqiu. She has some good single-target DPS, but she has to compete with Hu Tao for that spot. Yanfei, on the other hand, pales in contrast.

She is, however, a four-star character, making her widely accessible to the majority of gamers. She isn’t the worst primary DPS character in the game, so feel free to play her.


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Klee has unfortunately faded from view in the meta. Klee is a wimpy champion that can only deliver significant damage if you can use some tricky tech with her.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of Klee is that the challenge does not correspond to the reward. She’s still a strong primary DPS character who, if you have her, will serve you well.


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Diluc meets the same end as Klee. He pales in comparison to several of the game’s current primary DPS heroes. Diluc can still do a lot of damage and clear any content, but you’d be better off investing in a different character.

Still, if you like Diluc and have him, he’s a viable carry option. At this point, he’s simply a smidgeon of power.


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Due to several issues with her kit, Yoimiya’s release was met with controversy. She struggles with aiming and inflicting AoE damage as a bow character that concentrates on basic attacks.

Her AoE isn’t great, but her single target damage is on par with many of the game’s other primary DPS. She isn’t much stronger than Klee or Diluc, and you could probably switch her with the other two in any order.

Hu Tao

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This is a possibly contentious placement. Hu Tao is a costly character that shines brightly if you get her first Constellation as well as her distinctive weapon, the Staff of Homa. Aside from that, although her single target damage is decent, she’s honestly on par with one of the game’s strongest characters.

She’s ranked third merely because she’s a high-priced character. Her damage potential is really strong at massive expenditures, but she isn’t a must-pull by any means.


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Xiangling is one of the game’s most powerful sub-DPS characters, having the ability to deliver massive amounts of damage with her Elemental Burst. She and Bennett are the backbones of two of the game’s most formidable squads: the National and International competitions.

Many of her mechanics contribute to her strength. Her Elemental Reactions are quick since her Burst may proc Pyro on every strike. Her Burst becomes even more powerful if you reach Constellation Four with her. Best of all, everyone can play Xiangling for free. The Catch, one of her most powerful weapons, is also available for free to all players. She’s a really simple character to invest in, which makes her very adaptable.


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Bennett was originally mocked as a low-cost Diluc in the early days of the game. His worth is well recognized, since he is now the game’s most powerful buffer.

His Attack boost is tremendously powerful, increasing damage for practically every team. His healing is powerful enough to keep your squad healthy, while his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst can inflict a lot of damage. Bennett is a valuable member of nearly every squad, with just a few in the game that do not value his presence. Bennett is unquestionably one of the most powerful Genshin Impact characters.

The “pyro genshin impact” is a ranking of all the Pyro characters in the game. It’s a fun and interesting read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest Pyro character in Genshin?

A: There are quite a few Pyro characters in Genshin, but the strongest one has to be Captain. He was able to defeat all of the members on Team Fire along with being ranked first place for overall leaderboard ranking.

Who are the best pyro characters Genshin Impact?

A: There are many who can be considered the best pyro characters in Genshin Impact. Vandal would probably have to be one of them, as he is able to use his damage boosting skills for accuracy and speed which makes him a difficult opponent to face on fire maps. Aisha would also make an excellent pick due to her ability with limited spaces.

Is Pyro good Genshin Impact?

A: Pyro is a good Genshin Impact character, but he has his weaknesses. He cannot do any air-based attacks or jump very high because of that.

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