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GIGABYTE AORUS is the first company to unveil a 5G portable gaming PC that looks like a Roomba. The innovative design allows for easy transport and can be used anywhere, including at home or on the go.

The gigabyte desktop is the world’s first 5G portable modular gaming PC. It has a unique design that resembles a Roomba.

GIGABYTE (photo credit: GIGABYTE)

GIGABYTE has announced that it is working on Project Cielo, a next-generation AORUS gaming PC. The PC is noteworthy for resembling one of iRobot’s numerous Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners, thanks to its 5G antennae. It also has a modular design that is made up of three pieces that may be detached or stacked.

1634755563_48_GIGABYTE-AORUS-Unveils-Worlds-First-5G-Portable-Modular-Gaming-PCGIGABYTE (photo credit: GIGABYTE)


[…] AORUS proudly introduces Project Cielo, an idea for a next-generation gaming PC. Project Cielo, named after the limitless sky, combines 5G connection, modular architecture, and exceptional mobility to represent the future of gaming.

Key aspects of Project Cielo include:

Exclusive Hidden 5G Antenna: “AORUS sees the future of gaming PCs to have an integrated 5G antenna.” The 5G antenna is ingeniously integrated on top of the chassis in Project Cielo. Gamers can always have a lightning-fast connection when they need it and put it away to maintain the sleek appearance thanks to its distinctive wing-shaped design.”

“Gaming PCs will ultimately develop into the home’s information and entertainment hub,” says the designer. That is why Project Cielo has been modularized. The main system, the battery pack, and the Bluetooth speaker are the three components of the PC. Users may mix and match the two components to meet their gaming, entertainment, and other mobile app requirements.”

GIGABYTE hasn’t revealed any details on Project Cielo’s price or availability, but its marketing claims that it will be one of the most unusual gaming PCs on the market, as a portable 5G gaming PC. Its color palette is similarly complementary to the PlayStation 5.

GIGABYTE is the source of this information.

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The date is October 19, 2021. The date is October 19, 2021.

The gigabyte gaming pc build is a modular gaming PC that has been created by GIGABYTE. It can be carried around and used anywhere.

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