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Player housing is a staple of MMORPGs, but it has been limited to the realm of fantasy. Thanks to blockchain technology, MMOs are now able to create player housing that exists in real life.

I would create a guild/player housing system that is similar to the wow player housing 2021. The system would allow for players to build their own homes and customize them. There would also be different types of houses that change with your level.

Because I have a tendency to overthink and ramble, I’m going to add bullet points to assist me be more succinct.

We’re currently working with brokers in Shadowlands, so this might be a more convenient method to utilize them to get player housing up and running. Patch 10.0 adds greater ‘agency,’ customisation, and personalization to the game, and the Brokers return to Azeroth after helping them in the Shadowlands. ‘Something something,’ says the narrator. Broker technology allows players to enter pocket universes through portals (similar to Legion Argus world monsters), which they may utilize as a piece of land that can be linked to the rest of the world via a phase-portal. These pocket worlds may be readily accessed through a phasing portal linked to the main metropolis, allowing you to remain connected to the rest of the planet. The issue with not using this technology in a mmo, I believe, is that you won’t be able to have customized land plots. Furthermore, a common piece of land lacks the possibility for forming a guild or community.

Dimension of the Guild/Community (Neighborhood)

  • A personal and upgradeable piece of land that may be used for dwelling by numerous individuals
  • Customize your home’s exterior, interior, furniture, and yard, among other things. –> (Put transmogs up in house, collect different objects from around the world to put up or around your house, choose from different sets of house aesthetics from all around Azeroth)
  • The guild or community may design the neighborhood pocket dimension –> (might alter the outer environment to be foresty, snowy, mountainous, mysterious, aquatic, etc.) + (Change pathways around the neighborhood and dynamically rearrange how each section fits together)
  • Through phasing, it is connected to the main city.
  • It is divided into pieces of land that may be utilized for a variety of purposes (House, Farm, Garden, Park, etc)
  • Garden may be maintained by community and benefits everyone (when harvested goes into personal treasure cache or chest to be plundered) (when harvested goes into personal loot cache or chest to be looted)
  • A piece of land may be opened up to serve as a visible exhibition of the community’s accomplishments, as well as a visual element for each individual’s own achievements –> (think killing a raid boss, completing keystone master, duelist in pvp)
  • Bullet board for visual community events –> (raids, dungeons, pvp) or custom events (model already existing in-game) (personal competitions, transmog competitions, jump puzzles, holiday-themed decorating competitions, etc)
  • Cooking / Kitchen -> prepare meals or food buffs for your fellow community members in exchange for outside rewards. It only lasts a few hours, so individuals may make and consume it whenever they want. (Is this a decent method for folks who aren’t online at the same time to reconnect?) (Perhaps you could experiment with random items to come up with new random food meals that provide distinct benefits.) For individuals in instanced content, it may be utilized like a real food buff (taking the food to-go)
  • Profession-specific structures for guild/community members –>people in that profession may create items (similar to cooking in that when finished, it is outside the building or nearby for others to take and use for a few hours) (world buff or or , etc.)
  • When players aren’t questing, dungeoning, raiding, or pvping, they may enjoy mini-games with their buddies.
  • It’s a great location for folks to meet together before embarking on other excursions.
  • If your guild/community need extra land to accommodate more people (maybe a wizard or shaman arrives and expands the dimension), you can purchase more plots of land. Perhaps a broker will utilize a different portal to fuse another mass to it.) –> can move in three directions (forward, left, and right) and possibly four if the proper coding is used to create layers (hills, overlooks, etc). It comes in pieces of approximately squares or circles that may be utilized to plan a new home, farm, or even a park or a guild/community event or accomplishment.
  • Objects and accomplishments found in the real world may be used to customize furnishings and houses/neighborhoods. People who love collecting and customizing now have more things to do and create with.
  • Organize it as you want, and offer participants the freedom to create in any way they desire.

If the portal customization goes well, and the coding and programming is dynamic and good enough, they can take the idea even farther in the next expansion, enabling users to be as creative as they want. Perhaps, in the same way that Warcraft, Starcraft, and now Overwatch have custom games, this new technology will open the way for gamers to create unique games as well. Players may create their own dungeons, situations, platformers, or anything else they want and share it inside the game, resulting in an infinite supply of creative material.

Okay, thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  • WORLD players may still communicate with ICEBORNE players.

    https://www.inside-games.jp/article/2019/06/13/122892.html I’d want to know whether you can answer the following question: The answer is: 今回は、「アイスボーン」を導入した時点で、『ワールド』のセーブデータが「アイスボーン」のものに変わりますが、その状態でも『ワールド』本編しか持ってないプレイヤーと一緒に遊ぶことはできます。 ただし、マスターランクのクエストへ一緒に行くことはできません。 また、『ワールド』本編のみのプレイヤーは「アイスボーン」から追加される新アクションは使えず、逆に「アイスボーン」購入者は、本編のみのプレイヤーと遊ぶときでも新アクションを使うことができます。 それとは別に「アイスボーン」を購入したけど『ワールド』本編をまだクリアしていないという方もいるかと思いますが、そのような状態でも、新アクションは最初から使うことができます。 今回追加されるアクションは、狩りに幅を持たせられるものが多いので、素の状態で本編を進めるよりかは、多少駆け上がりやすくなっているとは思います。 Translate by Google: Q: I’d want to ask you a question regarding the specs, but how does the matching between “Iceborne” customers and non-buyers work? Mr. Tsujimoto, Mr. Tsujimoto, Mr. Tsujimoto, Mr. Ts The stored data of “World” will be altered at this point, when “Iceborne” is released…

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Guilds and Player Housing are two different things. In a recent article, player housing genshin impact explains how they would do player housing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Guild Wars have housing?

No, Guild Wars does not have housing.

Is there player housing in Guild Wars 2?

Player housing is not currently in Guild Wars 2, but it is something that they are looking into adding in the future.

What is player housing?

Player housing is a feature that allows players to build their own personal space in-game. It can be anything from a small house, to an entire town.

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