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Web development is a field that has been growing rapidly, and many people are now looking for ways to break into it without a degree. This article will explore the best way to become a web developer without a degree.

The how to become a web developer without a degree reddit is an article that discusses how to become a web developer without having to go through the process of getting a college degree.

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Are you considering a career as a web developer? It comes as no surprise these days, since the internet has become an inextricable part of daily life. Web development is also becoming a profitable profession. According to research, the need for web developers is expected to rise in the next years.

However, what if you do not want to return to school? You can’t accomplish it because you don’t have the time or money? You don’t have to be concerned since learning how to become a web developer without a degree is feasible. Take a look at the following options:

Before You Begin

It’s essential to have a basic understanding of web development before getting started. It is possible to become a web developer without a degree, but make sure you complete the following before getting started:

Have the Correct Learning Resources

You can’t work as a web developer if you don’t have access to a computer. It’s the equivalent of being a writer or a fisherman without a pole. Having the finest laptop for web development may help you learn web development more quickly and effectively. Make sure you have adequate internet access as well.

Select a Field of Study

Knowing your objectives as a web developer will make the process run more smoothly. You may work as a front-end developer, a back-end developer, or a full-stack developer. Once you’ve decided on your specialty, you’ll be able to choose which talents to hone and what kind of projects to pursue.

programmer working with HTML

Without a degree, there are a few options for becoming a web developer.

Once you’ve decided to pursue a career as a web developer, you’ll need a lot of patience to learn. Here are a few options for becoming a web developer without a degree:


You can discover about everything you need to know about these days on the internet. As a result, you may concentrate on learning HTML code, MySQL, JavaScript, and other subjects. You may also borrow or purchase books, but make sure they are current.

A Quick Course

If you want to become a web developer right immediately, a short course is a better choice than returning to college for four years. If you have trouble self-studying, short courses are excellent. This way, you’ll have someone to walk you through the fundamentals of web development or help you delve straight into specialties.


One of the most significant aspects of web development is that it is not something that can be learned just via theory. You should really put your coding abilities to the test. Joining a bootcamp is the best method to not only improve your abilities but also prepare for a web development job.

Make an online portfolio.

Companies and potential customers want to employ individuals with experience, which is a major issue in almost every profession. Making your own portfolio is a solution for this issue. Create demo websites for potential customers, and code every day if possible.

Choose the best samples to add in your profile once you’ve collected your samples. This is what you may present potential customers or employers if you wish to work for them.


There are a few businesses now that are ready to hire web developers with no prior experience. Of course, there’s a catch: it doesn’t pay. However, the advantage of an internship is that it will put your abilities to the test. It’s not just about the experience, but it’ll also look excellent on your CV.

Groups of Web Developers

It is true that knowing the right people and having the proper connections is very essential in life. You may join web development communities to connect with other web developers who are just getting started on their careers. You may even discover a mentor who can help you learn new skills.

Joining a web development group has the advantage of exposing you to possibilities that aren’t available to everyone. Even if you don’t have a degree, knowing the proper individuals may help you gain a leg up on getting web development assignments.

Last Thoughts

It’s time to get started now that you know how to become a web developer without a degree. Because the internet is always evolving, you must keep in mind that being a web developer is a never-ending process. You must keep up with the most recent coding methods, software, programs, and everything else connected to the internet and web development at all times.

Of course, being a web developer entails more than simply studying. But it’s all about action. With a degree, you can’t become a web developer right away. It is not a permanent condition; you must maintain it via continuous coding and site development.

To become a web developer without a degree, you will need to learn the basics of programming. You can start by learning HTML and CSS. You can also take online courses or find an in-person course that teaches these languages. Reference: web developer without cs degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a web developer with no experience?

You can find a job as a web developer with no experience by taking courses on the internet.

Can you be a web developer without a degree?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

How long does it take to become a web developer without a degree?

It takes about 3 years to become a web developer without a degree.

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