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For a moment, I was going to write about how to make the perfect pirate in Sea of Thieves. But then I realized that no one has caught all Devilfish yet and it’s been months since launch! In this guide, we’ll talk through every type of Devilfishes you can catch and what they’re worth.

The “forsaken devilfish” is a type of fish that can be found in the Sea of Thieves. The only way to catch these fish is by using a fishing rod and reeling them in.

Devilfish are a Sea of Thieves Regional fish that can only be found in The Devil’s Roar, which is located in the southeast portion of the map. The Devil’s Roar is the most deadly region in Sea of Thieves, despite the fact that the seas aren’t murky. Within its borders, volcanoes erupt on a regular basis, blasting fiery debris and scorching the waters around. As a result, we propose that you fish from your ship about the coordinates T-17 to T-18. You should be safe from volcanoes here, and you may sell your harvest by sailing south-by-southeast to the Roaring Traders Seapost at coordinates U-20.

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Devilfish fetch a higher price than Islehoppers, Pondies, and Splashtails, but not as much as Wreckers, Battlegills, or Stormfish. For bait, you’ll need Grubs, which you may get either in Barrels or by digging in the sand. If you’re fishing between T-17 and T-18, the fish you can catch are solely Splashtails and Devilfish. It’s usually ideal to fish with a bigger crew to capture more fish and boost your chances of getting a Rare variety.

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Devilfish with a sour taste

1635665117_23_How-to-catch-all-Devilfish-in-Sea-of-ThievesWikimedia Commons/Sea of Thieves

The Ashen Devilfish is the base variation of Devilfish, thus if you’re in the correct Region with the right bait, you should be able to locate one very soon. Fortunately, Devilfish aren’t as readily confused as other fish, so the Ashen’s black body and pink fins should be simple to see. At Seaposts, a single uncooked Ashen Devilfish costs 225 Gold.

Devilfish in a Shell

1635665118_889_How-to-catch-all-Devilfish-in-Sea-of-ThievesWikimedia Commons/Sea of Thieves

The Devilfish’s Common variation is the Seashell Devilfish. It should be rather simple to locate — probably no more than 10 or 15 throws, depending on luck. Although most albino fish are Rare variations, the Seashell is not, so keep that in mind when searching. It’s easy to spot because to its white body and pink fins/eyes. The Seashell may be mistaken for an Umber Splashtail, but you’re not likely to encounter one very frequently. At Seaposts, a single uncooked Seashell Devilfish costs 300 Gold.

Devilfish from the lava

1635665119_597_How-to-catch-all-Devilfish-in-Sea-of-ThievesWikimedia Commons/Sea of Thieves

The Lava Devilfish is an Uncommon Devilfish variation. Its vivid, red-orange head contrasts with a darker bottom half, making it difficult to mistake with other fish, although it will be tougher to see than most other Devilfish. While RNG plays a significant role in fishing, it may take 15 minutes of fishing with a Galleon crew to find one. At Seaposts, a single uncooked Lava Devilfish costs 375 Gold.

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Devilfish that has been abandoned

1635665120_592_How-to-catch-all-Devilfish-in-Sea-of-ThievesWikimedia Commons/Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, the Forsaken Devilfish is a rare variety of the Devilfish. It may take an hour or more of fishing with a Galleon crew to catch one of them. If you’re fortunate, you may even catch it on your first throw. Never give up! While most Devilfish are difficult to dupe with other fish, the Forsaken is readily confused for a Sunny Splashtail. They’re both yellow, but the Forsaken’s bottom half is more orange. It also has a more substantial structure. At Seaposts, a single raw Forsaken Devilfish costs 3,000 Gold.

Devilfish in the Light

1635665121_457_How-to-catch-all-Devilfish-in-Sea-of-ThievesWikimedia Commons/Sea of Thieves

The Night variation of Devilfish is the Firelight Devilfish. While its dark body could make it tough to notice at night, its blazing red fins and brilliant yellow stripes make it simple to identify when it’s on the line. This fish, like other Night variations, is rather plentiful at night, therefore you should be able to locate it in a single night cycle. At Seaposts, a single raw Firelight Devilfish costs 300 Gold.

Always check Shipwreck Barrels, Barrels of Plenty, Skeleton Ship Food Barrels, Rowboat Chests, and Storage Crates for random fish spawns to increase your chances of finding the fish you’re looking for (regardless of species).

The “forsaken devilfish location” is a command-line tool that allows users to find all of the Devilfish in Sea of Thieves. The tool has been created by the community and is not officially endorsed by Rare.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest Devilfish in sea of thieves?

A: The rarest Devilfish in Sea of Thieves is the Barracuda.

What is the rarest Devilfish?

A: Dagon

How do I get lava Devilfish?

A: The Lava Devilfish is a rare fish that can only be found in the deep sea. It has been brought up and sold as a new species by some of the most prominent taxidermists, but its not actually an official discovery

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