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As the game’s popularity has grown, so have its players. And while Monster Hunter World was designed with gamers in mind, it may not be the only title that makes your newest character worth their salt. Here are some tips to making sure you get a high-quality bag this year.

The “new world bags” are a type of item that can be found in the game. They’re not just for show, but also have a lot of benefits to players. They’re used for crafting and selling items, so they’re worth investing some time into making them.

How to make the best bags in New World

Because your storage space is limited, inventory management is one of the most critical parts of New World. It has an impact on how much you can take back to town and store at once, which has an impact on how much money you can make, how fast you level trade skills, and how long you can remain out in the world looting objects and reagents. The good news is that at level 45, you have three satchel slots in total, but how can you fill them with the greatest bags in New World?

Making the greatest bags will need some time and financial expenditure. You can always purchase your satchels at the Trading Post, but they’ll cost you a fair penny. You’re also restricted by what’s available. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, since manufacturing your own bags is simple if you have the Armoring talent and a little amount of money.

In the New World, how do you create bags?

In the New World, you’ll need to go to an Outfitting Station in any large community to create bags. You may construct four different levels of bags and earn a few extras by performing tasks. Each bag needs a Rune of Holding, which you can buy from your Faction vendor for Faction Tokens and Gold, as well as some basic materials.

Bag type Tier Ingredient for a rune Materials XP Armoring Requirement for Armor
Bag made of coarse leather Tier II Minor Holding Rune 10 Metals 25 Cloth Armoring: 972 Lv. 0
Bag in Rugged Leather Tier III Major Holding Rune 10 Metals 25 Cloth Armoring (2430) Lv. 50
Leather Bag with Layers Tier IV Greater Holding Rune 10 Metals 25 Cloth Armoring 6075 Lv. 100
Leather Bag with Infusion Tier V Holding Grand Rune 10 Metals 25 Cloth Armoring: 12,555 Lv. 150

The good news is that each Tier of the bag only needs 25 Cloth, such as Linen, and 10 Metals, such as Iron Ingots, apart from the Rune of Holding. As a result, the sole stumbling block is the Rune of Holding, which costs Faction Tokens and Gold once again. The following is a breakdown of the Runes’ prices:

  • 1,000 Tokens, 250 Gold — Minor Rune of Holding
  • 3,000 Tokens, 500 Gold – Major Rune of Holding
  • 5,000 Tokens and 1,000 Gold for the Greater Rune of Holding
  • 7,000 tokens and 1,500 gold in the Grand Rune of Holding

The Faction armory has Runes of Holding. Pick one up by visiting your Faction representative in any settlement and tapping on the Buy Rewards button.

The biggest benefits of a New World bag

You’ll want to cultivate Sliver of Adderstone to build the greatest bag in New World. The Sliver of Adderstone is a crafting mod that grants the “Extra Pockets” attribute to your character, allowing you to carry greater weight overall. You may be able to get this for 200–500 coins depending on your server. Because the entire point of bags is to expand your inventory, employing this crafting mod to build your Tier 5 Infused Leather Bag makes the most sense. You’ll also want to add 45 Azoth to your bag crafting to guarantee you obtain the most bonuses possible.

However, you can only employ one crafting modifier, leaving the remaining two benefits to chance. A decent bag will have a mix of the following advantages:

  • Extra Pockets (Sliver of Adderstone) – You may carry an additional 50–95 pounds.
  • You have a +0.5–2.8 percent chance of finding uncommon goods from chests and monsters if you have Luck (Chunk of Adderstone).
  • Obtain 3–4.8 percent more Azoth Attuned (Vial of Azoth Oil) when you gain Azoth.

How to make the best bag in New World - Special Resources

These three statistics, in my view, constitute the holy grail. If you manage to get all three of these bonuses on a single bag, you may either sell it or keep it for yourself! Perks may be rolled in “ranges,” which are governed by the bag’s gear score. Employing better grade Metals or Cloth (Silk, Azurite Chunk, etc. ), having a high Armoring skill, and using Armoring bonus gear may all help you achieve a higher Gear Score bag. For example, with Gear Score 600, the maximum roll on Extra Pockets is 95.

That is how you may build the nicest bags in New World for yourself and others. Check out the New World part of our website for additional relevant information and material.

The “new world bag mods” is a guide that will show you how to make the best bags in New World. The guide will include information on what materials you need, and how to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get big bags in the New World?

A: You can get a big bag by going to the nearest blacksmith and making a trade.

How do you make bags in New World?


How do I get better satchel in the New World?

A: You can get a better satchel by purchasing it from the shop, using platinum currency.

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