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The armor system in Destiny 2 is an intricate one, to say the least. The end result of every match, whether it be PvP or PvE, will directly affect what you look like and how your current loadout plays out. After a few months of feedback though (and even more after the game’s release), Bungie has decided that this approach isn’t working for them anymore. Community advocate Blaine Gibson found out about this tweak when he asked on Twitter if they were planning anything new in regards to their armor collection system soon enough to save us from having wasted our hard earned Legendary Shards.)

In the “destiny 2 what armor to keep 2021” Bungie has stated that they want Build crafting to be a part of the game. They have also said that armor needs to change.

It’s quite tough to have adequate vault space and design distinct builds for all three characters if you’re presently playing three characters. If I want a build with a min/max class ability, grenade, melee, and super, I’ll need 48 armor pieces (not including class items) spread over three classes, and that’s without exotics or element affinity. Chasing the ideal roll is challenging enough, especially when you consider that you need evenly dispersed stats as well as a high overall roll for the piece, not to mention whether your build calls for an exotic!

For an Armor 3.0 system, Bungie should, in my opinion, accomplish the following.

  1. Eliminate elemental affinities. I get that the stated purpose is so that we don’t become overwhelmed sifting through modifications, and that the implicit reason is so that we have to play longer to obtain what we want, but right now it’s a jumbled mess that’s incomprehensible to new players and annoying to current ones.

  2. Change the way statistics are distributed. Instead of having fixed rolls, we get fluid rolls. The present approach allows you to keep your overall stat total the same regardless of how high or low it is, thus more challenging stuff gets you a greater total. Instead of receiving a fixed roll that you will delete 99 times out of 100 due to its fixed distribution, you will be able to allocate the points as you see fit, with the current system of points being divided between mobility-recovery-resilience and strength-discipline-intellect remaining unchanged. I can put all of my stat points towards intelligence and recuperation if I want to. I have the option of switching things around and dumping them into discipline and resilience. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t interested in revisiting seasonal content just for the armor rolls. The armor would drop with its attributes already applied, but you could go into the menu and adjust the distribution of those stats as needed.

  3. Give us the option of saving a loadout. The armor components connected with a loadout must be locked to prevent deletion and must be on your character in order to save it. Although this is theoretically achievable using third-party programs, I believe it is past time for us to include this functionality in the game itself. You’d go into the menu, customize your loadout with modifications and stat distributions, then store it under a name, much like the fashion node. You could always make minor changes after leaving this screen, like as altering a resist mod on your chest piece or a champion mod, but this would not affect your initial loadout. You may make a “GM NF freeze” loadout, for example, or a “Trials” loadout, and so on.

This is just me fantasizing, and I understand Bungie is under no need to do anything, but I believe the armor system in this game needs to advance significantly, and adjustments like these would be nice.

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For the game Destiny 2, write “If Build building is what Bungie actually intends, then armor has to alter.”

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