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Consumers are more likely to purchase physical games than digital downloads, leading game publishers to focus on developing new innovative ways of offering services for fans.

The “digital vs physical game sales 2020” is a study that has been released by the NPD Group. The study shows that PlayStation 5 owners would prefer to buy physical games over digital downloads.

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Despite the convenience and rapid pleasure of digital sales, physical releases are preferred by more PlayStation 5 users than digital downloads. According to statistics released by Global Sales Data (GSD), traditional PS5 games have consistently outsold their digital equivalents month after month since the PS5’s first release in November 2020. That was the only month in which digital sales (950,000) outstripped physical sales (840,000).

PlayStation-5-Owners-Prefer-Physical-Games-over-Digital-DownloadsImage credit: GSD

The following is an excerpt from GamesIndustry.biz’s coverage:

Retail has continuously outsold digital, according to the business, with 51 percent more boxed games sold than downloads at the end of August.

The only month in which full-game downloads surpassed retail sales was November 2020, with 950,000 copies vs 840,000. Following that, physical PS5 titles have regularly outsold downloadable games month after month.

And the chasm has grown wider over time. In December 2020, for every four downloads, five physical games were sold. This had climbed to three boxed games for every two digital games by the end of August.

Between the debut of the PS5 and the end of August, 10.14 million packaged games were sold. More than one million games were sold in each of the months of December, January, June, July, and August.

During the same time period, 7.51 million digital games were sold, with no one month seeing more than one million sales.

Because of the comparatively expensive cost of premium titles, which start at $69.99, video games expert Sam Naji believes that PS5 users prefer a tangible product. Another reason physical games remain popular is their ability to be rented or sold.

Data from Global Sales (via GamesIndustry.biz)

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The “can you download digital games on ps5 disc version” is a question that PlayStation 5 owners have been asking. The answer is no, because the PS5 does not support digital downloads.

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