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The game has been in a state of brokenness for over a month now, with many players unable to play due to crashing. It’s time to take the Xbox series X back from the pirates!

The why does my sea of thieves keep crashing xbox one 2021 is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released 8 fixes to fix the issue.

Were you looking for a way to get Sea of Thieves to stop crashing on your brand-new Xbox Series X? We’ve got your back! After a long period of study, trial, and error, the steps in this tutorial for repairing Sea of Thieves crashing on Xbox Series X have been prepared. There’s a 90% probability that if you follow the troubleshooting steps in sequence, you’ll be able to repair whatever is causing Sea of Thieves to crash on your Xbox Series X.

Without getting into detail about what kind of game Sea of Thieves is and how it has affected our life, I’ll go straight to the point, which is how to stop Sea of Thieves from crashing on Xbox Series X.

I’m presuming you’ve already downloaded the newest Sea of Thieves update and that your console’s operating system is up to date. Indeed, if you have a stable internet connection and keep your console in sleep mode, the updates will be downloaded and implemented in the background without your knowledge. After you’ve verified that your Xbox Series X’s system software is up to date and that Sea of Thieves is properly patched with the most recent patches, start going through the troubleshooting steps in the order they’re listed.

Step 1: After crashing on Xbox Series X, exit Sea of Thieves.

If Sea of Thieves is frozen, the best course of action is to exit and restart the game. Quitting a frozen game will clear its cached data, and resuming it will resolve any small glitches that may have caused the game to stop or crash.

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On Xbox Series X, here’s how to exit Sea of Thieves.

  1. When the symbol that reads ‘Home’ is highlighted, click the Xbox button then ‘A’ to return to the Home Screen.
  2. On the Home Screen, the tile for ‘Sea of Thieves’ will be highlighted. A list will appear when you press the menu button on your controller.
  3. Highlight the ‘Quit’ option and hit ‘A’ once more.

If the freezing problem continues after restarting the game, you will need to conduct a hard reset. Did you aware that hard resetting your Xbox Series X removes all temporary cached files? This aids in the removal of errors caused by corrupt temporary files. Let’s get this party started!

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Step 2: To Fix Sea of Thieves Crashing, Perform a Hard Reset on the Xbox Series X.

Games and applications will not function properly if damaged cache data is present in the RAM of your console. Your console must be turned off in order to repair the damaged cache on your RAM, and losing data on RAM is only possible when power to the motherboard is removed. As a result, after removing the power cord from the socket to turn off your Xbox Series X, give it some time. During that time, any faulty data on the RAM will be lost, and a fresh set of cache files will be transferred to the memory when the console is restarted.

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Step 3: Stop using your Xbox Network Profile.

Game save data is often corrupted, leading your game to crash. To reduce the chances of Sea of Thieves crashing on your Xbox Series X due to corrupt saved games, consider entering into the game with a different Xbox Network profile. Don’t worry if your previous progress isn’t transferred over to the new profile. You’re just checking to see whether the Sea of Thieves stored data on your profile has gone bad.

If this is the case, you’ll need to contact Xbox Support to find out how to retrieve your stats back from corrupt stored data.

Step 4: Delete Sea of Thieves Saved Data (Not Recommended Unless Absolutely Necessary)

Sea of Thieves is an online game, therefore if the servers are down or if you have a network connection problem, the game will not load correctly and you will most likely get strange errors. We strongly advise you to wait a few hours before relaunching Sea of Thieves to allow the developers to restore the servers (in case there was an outage).

If Sea of Thieves is behaving up on your console despite no server outage, consider removing your saved games and entering the game via your profile. However, before removing your saved games, make sure that the game worked properly when played on a different profile.

How to Delete Saved Games in Sea of Thieves

Highlight the tile for Sea of Thieves in the My Games and Apps area. To bring up a list of choices, press the button with three horizontal bars (called the menu button). Choose ‘Manage game and add-on’ from the drop-down menu, then ‘Delete everything’ from the ‘Saved data’ drop-down menu. When you choose ‘Delete all,’ your console’s local saves will be erased. There’s one more choice, Delete Everything, but don’t use it just yet.

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Step 5: Uninstall and reinstall the game

When the game files are corrupt, it will have difficulties such as freezing, crashing, missing audio, and input issues. As a result, you should uninstall Sea of Thieves from your Xbox Series X and download the most recent version from the Microsoft Store to check whether the crashing problem continues.

Is it possible that a fresh setup won’t suffice? You’ll have to erase all of your stored data for Sea of Thieves (including the Cloud) and start again from the beginning. But we’re going to say it again! If Sea of Thieves is crashing on your profile alone while functioning well on others, delete your stored files (more particularly, corrupt saved files).

The Sea of Thieves Crashing Xbox Series X is a problem that has been present for a while. This article will help you fix the issue. Reference: sea of thieves drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Sea of Thieves keep crashing 2021?

The game is crashing because its not compatible with your computer. Its a known issue that the developers are working on.

Is Sea of Thieves Xbox series X optimized?

Sea of Thieves is optimized for Xbox One X.

Why do games keep crashing on my Series X?

This is likely due to the games unstable connection with the console. One way to fix this would be to update your console with a new system software update, which will help improve the stability of your game.

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