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The game has received an update that includes new missions, content updates, and much more. With this release, the team is looking to make Star Trek New Civilizations a top-tier community gaming experience.

The “star trek new horizons update” is a recent update to the game Star Trek: New Civilizations. The update brings many changes and updates, including a new faction called the Klingons.

?id=1886496498 - Star Trek: New Civilizations October Update Recap

Over the previous month, Star Trek New Civilizations has received many improvements.

This is a collection of walshicus’s practically daily updates. Here’s a quick rundown of the most significant additions:

The inclusion of the Na’kuhl Purity is one of the main new features.

A new intergalactic foe has emerged!

The Na’kuhl Purity has their own shipset, city set, portraits, and unique clothing.


a representative example of their Shipset

A Shipset made of Cheronite was also added:


The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe created this.

October Updates for Star Trek New Civilizations:

These are merely the most significant changes!


Shipset Na’kuhl

  • The Na’kuhl Starbase has been added, and the Outpost to Citadel process has begun.
  • The mining/research station of Na’kuhl has been added.
  • A civilian Na’kuhl construction/transport ship has been added.
  • The city of Na’kuhl has been included as a variation.
  • Portraits and uniforms of the Na’kuhl have been added.
  • The Na’kuhl Defense Stations have been added. # This is from November, but it fits.
  • The Na’kuhl Telkeshi Dreadnought has been introduced, with a Heavy Weapon Platform version.
  • Light Cruiser of the Na’kuhl Aemoros class has been added.
  • Scout class for Na’kuhl Daekaari has been added.
  • Destroyer has been introduced to the Na’kuhl Kelaari class.
  • Heavy Cruiser of the Na’kuhl Taremosh class has been introduced.

    Cheronite Shipset

  • Ships for Cheronite Construction, Colony, and Transportation have been added.

  • Mining, research, and military sites for cheronite have been included.

  • The Cheronite Starbase has been introduced, and the Outpost to Citadel process has begun.

  • Battleship of the Cheronite Asathar class has been added.

  • Cruiser of the Cheronite Azmasth class has been added.

  • Frigate of the Cheronite Baimel class has been added.

  • Heavy Escort of Cheronite Belim has been added to the game.

  • Destroyer Cheronite Nosfel has been introduced to the game.

  • Dreadnought Cheronite Rahishav has been introduced to the game.

  • Scout of the Cheronite Tishana class has been added.

  • Battlecruiser of the Cheronite Uraros class has been added.

    Ships from other countries

  • Visuals for Vulcan T’Pau and Shikar have been updated.

  • The Hospital Ship has been added.

  • The Starfleet Ark Royal class has been updated.

  • The Fleet Command Cruiser of the Vulcan Sh’vhal class has been added.

  • Battleship of the Caitian Bellator class has been added.

  • Battlecruiser of the Cardassian Bakrus class has been added.

  • Frigate of the Caitian Clavum class has been added.

  • Dreadnought of the Caitian Aspero class has been introduced, with a tier 12 refit.

  • The Starfleet Obena class Battleship has been introduced to the game, with a tier 11 refit.

  • Heavy Escort has been added to the Romulan P’Vor class.

  • Scout is a Starfleet Ganymede class.

  • The frigate of the Romulan Amal class has been added.

  • Alis class Command Cruiser with Caitian/Romulan hybrid, Caitian, Romulan, Garidian, and Reman texture variations added.

  • Dreadnoughts of the Aine class have been introduced to the Human shipset.

  • Miranda model and textures from the TMP period have been updated, as well as weapon loadouts.

Additional Graphical Elements

  • New Fen Domar female hair varieties have been added.
  • Various Fen Domar military and civilian dress versions have been included.
  • The Iconography consistent system now includes Fen Domar.

Setup & Activities:

  • The Na’kuhl Purity Empire has been introduced.
  • The Iconography Institute now has Na’kuhl uniforms.
  • The nocturnal attribute has been introduced.
  • Various Ascension benefits have been improved.
  • A new Medical Tradition tree has been introduced, unlocking the megastructure Hospital Ship.
  • Strength of Dominion Crisis has been increased to make it more tough, and it varies depending on the difficulty level.
  • Instead of years and months, the Federation Council now displays the projected date of accession completion. The estimate has been updated to be more precise.
  • Unity Device Crisis has been updated. Planet shields now protect the planet from the Unity Device’s subspace shockwave.
  • various minor adjustments and fixes

Finally, this month saw the addition of 42 new ships and stations!

Because these are just the shortened patch notes, you can find the full version on the RMG Community Discord Server under the ST:NC Community area.

If Star Wars is more your thing, check out the most recent Star Wars New Dawn (Galactic Civil War Era) update or the most recent Legacy of the Old Republic Dev Diary.

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For the game Stellaris, write “Star Trek: New Civilizations October Update Recap.”

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The “star trek new civilizations stellaris” is a game that has been updated recently. This update includes many changes to the game’s economy, as well as some other features.

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