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The Battlefield 2042 beta is a technical mess, but it’s also a chaotic and explosive one. It’s a good sign that the game is still in its early stages of development, as DICE has been making some changes to fix what they’re calling “bugs.”

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Battlefield is well known and loved for its outrageous gameplay moments, one-of-a-kind devastation mechanisms, and breathtaking graphics. Battlefield 2042 is billed as the Battlefield game designed for the franchise’s fans, with an emphasis on elements that make the game distinctive and recognizable rather than period pieces like Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V.

In some respects, DICE has hit the nail on the head; in others, it has completely missed the mark. I found myself falling in love with the Battlefield I remember, experiencing jaw-dropping moments in-game, only to have the tension shattered by optimization problems, bugs, and a general lack of polish. 

The beta’s release was accompanied by the anticipated beta server difficulties, EA Play accessibility issues, and other launch glitches. While these issues are to be expected on a beta launch day, many gamers immediately expressed their dissatisfaction. I purchased EA Play for early access to the beta, and when I booted up the game on opening night, I was informed that I needed to buy it again. Although the problem has been resolved, the thrill of waiting for hours has been diminished.

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When you play Battlefield 2042 in Conquest mode, the first thing you’ll notice is that it feels just like the Battlefield game we’ve all been waiting for. You spawn at your headquarters with colleagues running all around you, ground vehicles spewing dirt as they pass, and aerial vehicles producing tiny sonic booms as they fly by. You get the impression that you are on a large battlefield, ready to fight. This may seem to be a typical objective for the Battlefield series, but it has been missing in recent installments. Nothing beats 128 players running, driving, and flying towards each other with the goal of winning at all costs, generating thrilling moments.

While playing the test, I personally experienced one of the most unusual gaming experiences I’ve ever had – and yes, I’m referring to the tornado. The rush of adrenaline you receive when fleeing a massive lightning and tornado storm as quickly as you can as bullets fly past you and explosions erupt in all directions is unrivaled. When you play Battlefield 2042, you truly feel like you’re the main character, which is rare in multiplayer FPS games these days.

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Battlefield 2042 may feel and look fantastic, but the gunplay leaves much to be desired. Of course, weapons sound fantastic, powerful, and movie-like — pretty much everything you’d expect them to be — yet bullets seldom strike, and when they do, the damage is insufficient. I had to fire 30 rounds from my K30 SMG at someone simply because they were more than 20 meters away on a few of occasions. I get the necessity for range balance, but SMGs, DMRs, and even Sniper Rifles seem like a disadvantage in certain situations. 

One of the new features surrounding weapons in Battlefield 2042 is the ability to change attachments on the fly with a single button press. While we’ve seen this feature previously in other games, it nevertheless seems futuristic and new, enabling you to prepare for various encounters on the go. The action’s HUD is also well-designed, showing all of the weapon’s data even if you’re changing attachments in the middle of a fight — just don’t stare for too long.

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Now let’s speak about the bugs – there are a lot of them. Battlefield 2042 is far from being optimized, with floating opponents, in-game stuttering, and a slew of graphic flaws. The game has been having issues on all platforms, causing PCs to stutter, PlayStations to freeze, and Xboxes to crash outright. While many might claim that “it’s only a beta,” the game’s actual launch is less than a month away, and there are worries about DICE’s ability to iron out all of the optimization and bug problems before then.

Despite its flaws and criticisms, DICE and Battlefield 2042 deserve respect for returning to the Battlefield franchise’s origins. The game has managed to seem like both a continuation of the fan-favorite Battlefield 4 and something completely new, which I believe is what most fans wanted in the first place. Battlefield is back to doing what it does best, and if it can work out some of the more serious flaws and optimization issues, it will quickly reclaim its cult classic reputation.

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