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In this article, we will be presenting to you a list of the five best berserkers in Fate/Grand Order. Fate/Grand Order is a free-to-play mobile RPG based on Type Moon’s popular series, Fate. The game has seen explosive growth since its release last year and continues to see continuous expansion with new events and content being released regularly. One of the most interesting features about this flagship title from developer GungHo Online Entertainment is that players are able to form their own unique teams by merging different classes together as servants who can then enter battle against other player created groups or NPCs known as Masters for control over various parts of the story mode. In addition to these battles taking place within dungeons, there exists an event called “Battles Of Fates” which allows people without access to characters known as Rare Servants who would otherwise take up precious space in your party roster gain items such as weapons and armor by joining forces with random strangers online during one weekend each month .

The “how to get 5 star servant fate/grand order” is a question that is asked often. This article will list the top 5-star Berserkers in Fate/Grand Order with their respective skills and stats.

The FGO Berserker class is like an old high school acquaintance. You two were once so close, but as you grew into adults, you drifted away.

Then, once you run into each other later in life, you’ll be able to reflect back on that buddy and recall all of the fantastic moments you had together.

Every new player’s best buddy is a berserker.

“Double the damage against all opponent types?! Why doesn’t everyone simply assemble a Berserker squad? You’d never, ever lose!”

Unfortunately, the farther you go in FGO, the more you’ll see that, although strong, Berserkers have a number of flaws.

Berserkers, on the other hand, are very strong beat sticks that enable you to turn off your brain for the length of your mission and furiously bash your finger into any red cards that come on your screen.

So let’s take a look at some of FGO’s greatest “unga-bunga” Berserkers.


5. Morgan

We’ll start with Morgan, not because she’s any less capable than the other Berserkers, but because she’s still a long way from being released on the NA FGO server.

Morgan is an expert at swiftly charging a 50 percent-charged NP, and her third talent may need a day off work to read all that material.

When it comes to damage, she unfortunately loses to a certain Berserker further on the list.

While her strength surpasses that of another Berserker (Minamoto-no-Raikou), she’s a specialized farming choice made only for the character’s affection.

Morgan, on the other hand, is the definition of a wife in a wife collecting simulator… To be safe, it’s preferable to involve her.

After all, she’s still a Berserker…

Things may turn sour.


4. Alter X Mysterious Heroine

Fate/Grand Order Mysterious Heroine X Alter screenshot

MHXA isn’t the most damaging berserker, yet she’s also not the most durable.

Her heal was insignificant prior to her strengthening, and she had no “Evade” to defend herself.

Her buff helped a lot, but it’s as a multiple break bar monster killer that MHXA truly excels.

MHXA can tear down an opponent’s full HP bar with her NP alone when paired with double Skadi (and possibly a few crits to help things along).

When her self-Quick buff and star bomb are paired with a double Quick buff from each Skadi, she becomes an unstoppable force.

After one usage, refill her NP and go to work on those other break bars!

MHXA is also a charming Sith Lord with a lightsaber that can be used on both sides.

What more could we possibly require?


3. Chulainn Alter C Chulainn Alter C Chulainn Alter C Chulainn

Fate/Grand Order Cú Chulainn Alter screenshot

C Alter is your one-way ticket to FGO’s late-game.

Heracles looked lost to the abyss, along with any feeling of swift growth, in a world where an innocent and ignorant newcomer to the game didn’t comprehend that rerolling was an option.

A support C Alter, on the other hand, is just what you need to speed through the early game of FGO, slaughtering any monster that stands in your way.

C Alter’s enormous attack stat as a Berserker does double damage to each adversary he encounters.

Furthermore, being a C-face, he has access to the “Protection from Arrows” talent, which grants him three hits of evasion.

With “Guts,” which allows you to resurrect after taking fatal damage, and an NP that not only looks cool but also eviscerates everyone it comes into contact with, you have your support choice for the next six singularities.


Arjuna Alter No. 2

Fate/Grand Order Arjuna Alter screenshot

To cultivate Arjuna Alter efficiently, you’ll need to put in a bit more work.

He may, however, rip through adversaries without hesitation once he receives such backup.

Arjuna Alter’s wacky damage on a Berserker is, to put it mildly, revolting.

When you combine it with a set of talents that only increases damage, you get a Berserker that only a few people could take a blow from.

He barely misses out on the #1 slot because he isn’t as accessible in North America right now.

Things may change faster than we think, though, with the arrival of Buster farming on the horizon.


1. Musashi Miyamoto (Summer)

Fate/Grand Order Miyamoto Musashi (Summer) screenshot

Musashi Summer joins Lancelot as one of the all-time best farming Berserkers (if not the all-time great farming Berserker).

Musashi will not be doing anything special during her first release.

Sure, with the aid of Paracelsus, a bond CE equipped Tamamo, and maybe an MLB Kaleidoscope, she can cultivate… However, it is not worth the effort.

No, Musashi will only shine on NA when the twin Castoria system is established.

She’ll soar to the pinnacle of the metagame from there (at least, the three turn looping metagame).

You won’t have to worry about missing out on your NP refund since she can double the hits on her Arts cards.

All you have to do now is equip a Black Grail Musashi with every skill button and start harvesting.

The “fgo best berserker 2021” is a list of the best 5-star Berserkers in Fate/Grand Order. The list includes which Berserker and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest in fate grand order?

A: Thats a difficult question to answer. Most people would say that it is Gilgamesh, but I am not sure if he was ever considered the strongest in the game or not.

Who is the rarest servant in Fgo?

A: Fgos servants are ranked from 1-1000. The rarest is Ea, the God of Light who only has one copy left in GGO

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