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The Hitman franchise has been around for nearly two decades, with the latest installment in the series being released in 2016. The game is best known for its creative assassination missions and immersive gameplay.

The hitman 3 unlock everything mod is a must-have for any Hitman 3 player. This mod unlocks all the in-game items and weapons, and also includes new features like unlimited ammo and infinite sprinting.

Hitman has given us some of the most thrilling special agent encounters ever seen in video games.

It’s what James Bond games should have been if they didn’t have the whole “hired murderer” thing going on.

While most fans began with the original Hitman: Codename 47, which was launched for Microsoft Windows in the year 2000, the 2016 remake has brought in a slew of new admirers.

The opponent AI and operational flexibility were taken to new heights in the previous three games. You may complete a task in a thousand different ways, but your opponents will not make it easy for you.

Hitman 3 (2021) has more missions than I can count, yet even the most popular games may get repetitive after a time. If you want to change things up, modifications are your best buddies.

So let’s take a look at some of the best Hitman 3 modifications and see what they can accomplish.


20. There are no Hitmarkers

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People desire simple HUDs as games get more graphic and lifelike.

The less “gamey” elements, the better.

Hit marks, a mainstay in shooters for as long as I can remember, are one way Hitman reminds you that it’s a game.

These hit indicators are useful when employing sleeping darts or emetics, but they’re fairly worthless otherwise.

You can get rid of these thanks to Atampy26’s patch. It’ll probably have no effect on your gameplay, but it will add to your immersion.


19. Barcode with a number

Numbered Barcode Mod for Hitman 3

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We’re all familiar with Agent 47’s barcode and the number below it.

It’s the number that confirms he’s Agent 47 and not one of the clones.

Unfortunately, for Hitman (2016), the creators chose to remove it in favor of a more minimalist look with just bars, and it stuck.

In these circumstances, I understand that simplicity is frequently the best option. But if you’re going to do rid of the one thing that makes Agent 47 recognizable without a barcode scanner, you may as well use a QR code instead.

The barcode is slightly modified in this mod by Hoovyspenser and Duckilous to match the one in Hitman Absolution, which plainly reads “640509-040147.”



47 IS PISSED Mod for Hitman 3

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When you’re a hired assassin, you can’t allow your emotions get the best of you – particularly at the level of Agent 47.

The bald assassin is under a lot of pressure to keep his cool in difficult circumstances. He loves to let off steam in the only way he knows how: by murdering more people.

Instead of staying covert, Andrew Pratt’s unique mission lets you go about Miami hitting people in the head with a baseball hat, as shown in Paranoia Agent (2004).

Well, there’s the head, knees, and ribs… Anything goes as long as they’re unconscious.


Target Portraits in Contract Mode are now better.

Better Contract Mode Target Portraits Mod for Hitman 3

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Hitman 3 has a fantastic visual style, with a clean user interface and consistent graphic design.

However, there are always methods to enhance things.

Creator Winnod adds his grain of sand to Hitman 3 by improving the graphics for Contract Mode targets.

You’ll receive bespoke photos from in-game data, challenges, or user snapshots instead of the standard gray backdrop photographs for unique NPCs.

276 pictures are replaced by the mod, including 16 in Paris, 21 in Sapienza, 15 in Marrakesh, and so on.

It even features the Miami Mascots!


16. Shortcut Ladders and Doors Do Not Have Yellow Braces

No Yellow Braces on Shortcut Ladders and Doors Mod for Hitman 3

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For a long time, games have used yellow to color-code shortcuts and difficult-to-find climbing paths.

Minor, inconspicuous markings usually benefit from the bright yellow hue since it draws your attention without detracting from your immersion.

Hitman 3 does something similar with its own shortcuts, but they don’t appear to care whether they’re hidden.

From miles away, the yellow bracing on doors and ladders can be seen.

It’s very helpful for newcomers, but as you progress, they start to get a little annoying.

HMBM47’s mod simply eliminates them, leaving us with a more difficult and engaging game.


15. The Saints’ Attack

Attack of the Saints Mod for Hitman 3

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I’m a straightforward individual.

I believe that putting beautiful females in bikinis in virtually any situation may enhance it.

And, thanks to TridentSuper’s patch, we can put it to the test in Hitman 3.

Female models in swimming suits and other tight clothes replace the guards from Colorado, Santa Fortuna, Isle of Sgail, and Chongqing in this appealing mod.

You’d think having a lot of beautiful ladies carrying assault weapons and other armament around you would make the game more relaxed, but it’s nothing short of terrifying.

If you loved Charlie’s Angels but thought three was too few, this is the book for you.


14. Enable the Shoulder Switch for the Camera

Enable Camera Shoulder Switch Mod for Hitman 3

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Despite the fact that it functions well in Hitman 2, the developers took out the ability to switch which shoulder you look over in Hitman 3. (2018).

While you may still change angles while shooting, it will disrupt your rhythm.

Despite the fact that IO Interactive said that implementing it as a toggle was difficult, developer GreenHouse had no difficulty activating it himself using the Cheat Engine.


Pack of Poisonous Items No. 13

Poisonous Item Pack Mod for Hitman 3

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Working for the ICA as an assassin, what sort of assassin would you be?

I’d be dead, for sure, but maybe you’re the kind that prefers poison to trauma in order to accomplish your tasks.

With OnionSquid’s Poisonous Item Pack, you may try out a variety of tactics using a large number of tactical chemicals such as sleeping agents, emetics, and deadly gas.

Along with the Sieker Extreme, you’ll gain access to the Kalmer Extreme, which is an enhanced version of the Kalmer 2. These tactical weapons fire sleeping and emetic darts and have enough of ammunition to last the duration of a mission.

When you don’t care about being seen, there are also poison gas flasks to toss.


12. Offline Mode Permanent Shortcuts

Permanent Shortcuts in Offline Mode Mod for Hitman 3

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It’s all about replayability in Hitman 3. And permanent shortcuts are one method for gamers to take a fresh look at previously completed tasks.

All shortcuts are accessible from the start during offline play with this self-explanatory mod by developer Cybore, so you don’t have to go about unlocking them.

This is excellent for seasoned assassins and anybody who has misplaced their save file and can’t stand to repeat the missions.

Exploring the beautiful surroundings without necessarily murdering anybody is one of my favorite Hitman 3 hobbies. I have greater freedom now that all of these doors and passageways are open.


11. ReShade: Time to Die

Time to Die ReShade Mod for Hitman 3

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Hitman 3 is a stunning game with incredible lighting and visuals.

Even the most beautiful games, though, may benefit from a decent ReShade setup.

One of the earliest custom modifications for Hitman 3 was Time to Die by KWZ. For a gloomy, atmospheric appearance, it adds depth to the colors, boosts contrast, and sharpens the picture.

This mod will look fantastic in big, luxurious halls, hotel lobbies, and anyplace else where there is a lot of light.


10. Arendelle’s Elsa

Elsa of Arendelle Mod for Hitman 3

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Trying out crazy add-ons is a major part of what makes modding so much fun, and I believe I’ve discovered the strangest Hitman 3 mod yet.

To survive as a contract assassin, you need ice-cold blood and steely nerves, which makes the Snow Queen from Disney’s Frozen II an ideal choice.

I’d want to tell you that this Huckpie mod makes the game more suitable for kids, but it doesn’t.

The picture of Elsa strangling someone to death with a piano chord, on the other hand, could traumatize people.


The Icon Suit (number 9)

The Icon Suit Mod for Hitman 3

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If you completed the extra objectives, you are familiar with Dino Bosco’s rather ridiculous Icon costume, which he wore while filming a movie in Sapienza (which Agent 47 brings to an abrupt end).

HMBM47, the costume’s creator, couldn’t get enough of it and decided to let 47 wear it anytime he pleased.

Depending on your choices, the outfit substitutes the 47 Signature Suit or the Lynch Suit.

Just bear in mind that it simply alters the appearance of your ensemble. Don’t expect this to be impenetrable!


8. A user interface that is easy to read

Readable UI Mod for Hitman 3

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The HUD in The Hitman (2016) was a piece of art.

It was simple, readable, and easy to read.

Hitman 3, on the other hand, made dubious decisions such as using ALL CAPS and using numerous vignettes that strain the eyes.

This hack by Atampy26 can’t bring back the old HUD, but it can use its points to make Hitman 3 more entertaining.

It eliminates the vignette and color bleed from the minimap, raises the goal text size for better reading, and makes NPC dots stand out more.



FOCUS Mod for Hitman 3

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The Marksman perk is available on several weapons in Hitman 3, allowing you to temporarily slow down time while aiming to more easily land bullets on moving opponents.

Many shooters include this as a fundamental mechanic, and it works wonders for making you feel like a badass.

With Atampy26’s patch, you may give the Marksman perk a permanent benefit regardless of your gear.

You’ll be able to “concentrate” while using a variety of weapons, including pistols and sniper rifles.

If you want to go back to the original game, don’t depend on it too much.


6. Hitman Face Variations in the Past

Previous Hitman Face Variations Mod for Hitman 3

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Agent 47 has evolved significantly throughout the years.

MusicalMushr00mod m’s attempts to capture such heritage.

This pack contains updated facial textures that match Agent 47’s appearance in Hitman Alpha (2015), as well as an enhanced version of his face from Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018).

Agent 47’s appearance in Hitman Absolution (2012) is the most distinctive of them all.

He seems to be considerably older, with more scars and a notably emaciated bone structure.

Killing people for a living takes a toll on your body.


5. Death Music: Ave Maria

Ave Maria Death Music Mod for Hitman 3

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The original post-death music is very enjoyable.

This mod by Andrew Pratt is for you if you want to give your death a more traditional cinematic flair.

When you die with it, you’ll hear a mournful version of Ave Maria (Hail Mary in Latin), much as you did in Hitman Absolution.

Because his work renders him a capital sinner, the topic of Agent 47’s faith is complicated, but that’s all the more reason to pray for this lone fighter.

There’s nothing quite like going out in a blaze of glory as Ave Maria plays in the background to make you feel like a badass.


4. Take on the role of The Undying (AKA Sean Bean)

Play as The Undying (AKA Sean Bean) Mod for Hitman 3

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Sean Bean has worked on a number of video game projects. His performance as Mark Faba, the first Elusive Target in Hitman 2, was one of my favorites thus far.

The existence of a Sean Bean model generates an unavoidable desire to play as the renowned actor, which we can now do thanks to modder HMBM47.

Agent 47’s distinctive costume is replaced with a Mark Faba skin, complete with a silver suit and Sean Bean’s self-righteous frown.

To avoid breaking character, be sure to kill your targets as loudly and viscerally as possible. The use of explosives is encouraged.


3. Assassination of Lee Hong

The Lee Hong Assassination Mod for Hitman 3

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Back when male pattern baldness hadn’t transformed me into a lifelong Agent 47 cosplayer, I had my first encounter with the Hitman series over 15 years ago.

I recall pestering my elder cousin to let me play some of his M-rated games. He eventually gave up — but only after having a good laugh at my expense.

He placed me – a console child – in front of his keyboard and mouse after turning on his PC and navigating to The Lee Hong Assassination in Hitman: Codename 47 (2000).

Needless to say, I was unsuccessful in completing the objective.

Kercyx’s unique assignment offered me a second chance.


Modification 2: Accent Overhaul

Accent Overhaul Mod for Hitman 3

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For a game as realistic and deep as Hitman 3, hearing flawless US or UK English from most characters – no matter how they seemed – always astonished me.

Chucky, the game’s creator, noticed this flaw and addressed it with the Accent Overhaul Mod, which aims to give Hitman 3’s environment a little more linguistic variety.

With it, you won’t hear British football fans fighting on the streets of Paris or Bangkok.

Europeans may be heard in Berlin and the Swedish Embassy, Asians in Hokkaido and Bangkok, and a slew of Hispanics and South Asians all over the place.


1. Megapack Offline

Offline Megapack Mod for Hitman 3

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The internet barrier keeps a lot of Hitman 3’s material concealed.

Even if you’re online, there are still missions and material that can only be accessed when IO Interactive launches an event.

This mod by Kercyx and Onionsquid, which allows offline players access to the full game, is a great alternative for people who don’t want to be constantly online.

Persistent Elusive Targets are the most significant contribution.

You may take on any of these unique missions whenever you want and as many times as you want!

This also applies to sniper and seasonal assignments.

You’ll also get access to additional costumes, weapons, and equipment, as well as a variety of unique quests.

The hitman 3 randomizer mod is a mod that allows players to play the game in an entirely different way. It’s free and there are no restrictions on how it can be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hitman 3 free starter pack the full game?

The Hitman 3 free starter pack is a trial version of the full game. It includes the first three levels, but it will not include any of the later levels or content that you would need to purchase in order to complete the game.

What does the free version of Hitman 3 include?

The free version of Hitman 3 includes the prologue, Paris level, and Bangkok level.

How can I get Hitman 3 for free?

Hitman 3 is not available on release. You can pre-order it now for $59.99 and get a free copy of Hitman 2.

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