Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

If you’ve picked up a new Xbox Series X. You may want to consider adding a pair of gaming headphones to enhance your experience. Some headphones use Xbox Wireless technologyso you don’t have to worry about audio cables or dongles. Others have a wired design, so that they canbe plugged directly into your controller. Regardless, gaming headphones ensure a more immersive and accurate sound than your TV speakers. When it comes to choosing a pair, there’s a lot to pick from that will help you getthe most out of your next generation console such as comfort and design. As well as compatibility, connectivity, sound and microphone performance.

Please note that we will mostly be talking about the Series X. But all the recommendations will also work with Xbox Series S. Today, we’ll be looking at our best Headsetspicks for the Xbox Series X in 2021 that we tested so far. We’ll be breaking them down into a couple different categories, being, The Best Budget, The Best Wired and lastly, The Best Wireless. As with all our top picks, we choose thesemodels based off our own testing. But we also consider other factors as well, such as price, availability, and feedback from the community. We’ve tested over 560 headphones so farand there’s a lot to choose from. So if there’s something you really likethat didn’t make this list, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Best budget gaming headset

If you’re on a budget and are looking forthe best gaming headset with a good mic and prefer a wired design, then the HyperX CloudStinger are an excellent choice. These headphones are once again our best budgetgaming pick as they deliver a good performance for a very competitive price. They are decently well-built with a lightweight and comfortable fit thanks to their spacious ear cups.

Since they are wired passive headphones, youdon’t have to worry about latency or battery life. They have a V-shaped sound profile that shouldemphasize rumbly sound effects like explosions while you game. Their boom mic also offers an impressive overall performance. So your voice sounds clear and natural, all the while eliminating most background noise. Unfortunately, their control scheme is quitelimited, as they only have a volume slider and a flip-to mute boom mic.

Best wired gaming headset

If you don’t want to worry about battery life during your gaming session or audio delays due to latenc. Then consider the wired AstroA40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2019. These open-back, over-ear headphones shouldoffer an immersive listening experience thanks to their spacious soundstage and great stereoimaging performance. They use a 1/8” TRRS cable, which can bedirectly plugged into your Xbox Series X controller. Since the new Xbox Series X does not supportan optical connection, Astro released an update on the “Astro Command Center” PC app,which also makes these headphones fully compatible via USB while using the MixAmp.

This MixAmp controller lets you manage countlessfunctions on-the-fly including volume adjustment and chat mixing. Using the Dolby Access app on your Xbox, youcan select EQ presets or make your own. You can also turn on or off the Dolby Surroundfeature. They have a nice, premium look and are alsocomfortable and quite easy to use. If you like to show a bit of personal flair. You can also purchase custom emblem tags to decorate the ear cups via the Astro website. The detachable boom mic does a great job atmaking your voice sound full-bodied and clear, even in a noisy environment. Unfortunately, due to their open back enclosure. They let in a lot of ambient noise as well as leak a lot of audio, which may annoy peoplenearby. The Astro A40TR Headset + MixAmp Pro havequite the immersive listening experience, but they are a bit on the pricey side.

If you’re looking for another more affordablewired headphones, then consider the HyperX Cloud Alpha S. While their soundstage is lessexpansive than the Astro and they have a slightly inferior recording quality, they offer greatnoise handling. They have a unique bass slider located oneach earcup so that you can adjust the bass independently to one another. Unfortunately, they’re prone to inconsistenciesin audio delivery due to their seal and positioning on your head. So make sure to take your timeto adjust them properly.

Best wireless gaming headset

The best Wireless Gaming headset that we’vetested are the Steelseries Arctis 9x Wireless. These headphones are an Xbox-exclusive variantas they use Xbox proprietary Wireless Technology to pair to your console just like you connectyour controller to the Xbox. These Bluetooth-enable wireless headsets willallow you to listen to in-game audio while chatting to your friends or streaming musicfrom your phone. Out of the box, they will only work wirelesslywith the Xbox Lineup and won’t work with the PS5. If you wish to connect to a PC , you may needa dongle if your pc is not Xbox Wireless Compatible. However, this is not included in the box. That being said, You can connect them directlyto your Xbox or PS5 controller via 1/8” TRRS cable, but this also isn’t includedwith the headphones. The 9x Wireless are comfortable and have thaticonic SteelSeries design. The flexible and retractable mic offers greatrecording and noise handling performance.

They’ll last you quite a while with theirroughly 28-hr battery life. Unfortunately, these headphones have a somewhathigh wireless latency compared to other headsets, which could be a deal braker for some. If you’re looking for a gaming headset thatoffers lower latency, then also consider the Razer Kaira Pro Wireless. These wireless-only over-ears have a shorterbattery life but have a lower latency via Xbox Wireless. Fortunately, they offer an auto-off timerto conserve battery life, which should still be suitable for most gaming uses. Like the SteelSeries, they support Bluetooth,so you can also listen to music or chat with your friends on your phone while you game. Their boom mic is detachable and offers excellentrecording quality and noise handling capability. Unfortunately, they do not have any passiveplayback or wired options, making the 9x a slightly better value for most.

Now let’s get into the notable mentions:The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless are Bluetooth-enabled gaming headphones that can only connect wirelesslyto PCs and PlayStation consoles with their USB-A adapter. However, they come with unique mobile adaptercable that allows for full audio and microphone usage on a wired connection when plugged intoyour Xbox controller. Unfortunately, they have a less expansivesoundstage than the Astro A40 and can struggle to deliver audio consistently due to theirseal. Another great performer is the Turtle BeachStealth 700 Gen 2 These Wireless headphones use the same XboxWireless Technology as the Arctis 9X to pair with your console, but are also Bluetooth-compatible,allowing you to stream music or chat with friends through your phone as you game.

However, they’re less comfortable than theArctis 9X Wireless with a high clamping force and have shorter battery life. They also take longer to recharge. Lastly, the Corsair HS75 XB Wireless GamingHeadset also uses Xbox Wireless Technology to pair with your console seamlessly. Unfortunately, unlike the Razer Kaira ProWireless, these headphones aren’t Bluetooth-compatible. That said, they have a sturdier build andoffer a great microphone recording quality as well as noise handling capability.

By Ahsan