Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

The first game is Project Odin from Lion Heart Studios. This prediction is a little bit more of agamble for me than the other 5 games. I’ve mentioned because what some people love aboutvast World RPGs others find boring. And then when coupled with the nature of mobilegaming. It is likely that this game will not reach the top 10. I was very underwhelmed with the responsethat Bethesda got by their new mobile Elder Scrolls game. But there’s something aboutthis game that makes me think it might reach the top 10. Norse mythology is really in vogue right nowand the idea of being able to fight giants is really attractive to RPG gamers. So if they are able to pull it off well, thenI think this will make it into the top 10.

The second game is the upcoming Netease gameThe Ragnarok. This is another Norse mythology based gameand it looks unbelievable! Now they call this demo footage so I don’tknow what the actual game will look like. But if they are able to add this type of climbing mechanics into a mobile MMORPG. It will definitely be in the top 10 and then if they’re ableto add these type of fighting mechanics mobile or PC. Then it would likely be the numberone game for the year.

But I’m sure these fighting mechanics are choreographed becausethis surpasses current gaming technology even for MMORPGs on the PC. But regardless, this game looks incredibleand netease has been doing really well in the area of mobile gaming. Their games are incredibly innovative, in touch with what is Fun For Mobile gamers. And have a frighteningly well done blend offree-to-play and pay-to-win features. So I’m confident this will be a top game forthis year.

The third game is also a Netease game calledCode-T. Code-T is a new cyberpunk themed game in which gamers become bounty hunters againstan overwhelming force of crime rooted in a futuristic world. Just like the Ragnarok, this game does nothave a release date, but generally when Netease starts releasing teasers. The games are not that far off which is why I’m predicting that this will be one of the top mobile games of2021.

The forth game is Among Us. This game was for 2020 what I am predictingFrostborn will be for 2021. This time a year ago almost no one would havepredicted that Among Us was going to be a top 10 game. In fact, the game has been out since 2018so it’s explosion with someone up phenomenon. Now I almost didn’t put this game on thislist because just like pubg and call of duty mobile exploded in 2019 and are still greatgames with big player bases, the hype around those games have died down too much for themto be on this list. But the reason that I am keeping Among us on this list even though it had its big explosion last year is because. It is still unique enough of a game. That it will continue to stand out and be talked about therefore increasing the long ty of that game. In fact, just two weeks ago when I got togetherwith my in-laws, they told me that they found this new exciting game called Among Us andwanted to play it as a family. I was of course happy to hear about theirdiscovery and told them I was excited about playing it with them.

And then the fifth and last game will go toH1Z1. This game is not that different then someof the other games we’ve already mentioned. But the reason I am putting it on this listis because the devs have a lot of things going for them. First, h1z1 is the classic with the firstversion of Battle Royale and when classics do something that everyone else is doing, there is less resistance among players to check it out. Second, h1z1 is putting a heavy emphasis oncars. Which of the Mechanics for car driving on the mobile phone has gotten a lot betterin the last 2 years.

Now I do have a few concerns that they willbe able to pull this off well because shooting from a car that someone else is driving isreally difficult, but if they’re able to pull it off, it should be a lot of fun. And then lastly, H1Z1 seems to be doing apretty good job of advertising which of course helps mobile games a lot. Well, that’s it guys. If there is a game that you think should beon here that I missed or something else that you think people should know, make sure toput it in a comment below so that I can improve so others can see it. Alright guys, I’ll see you next time.

By Ahsan