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A custom item placement guide for 2010’s popular games. Topics covered: Resident Evil, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, God of War 3 and much more!

The “unpacking demo download” is a tool that shows how to place items in the game. The “unpacking demo download” is an essential tool for anyone who wants to make their own levels.

Because the 2010 chapter of Unpacking depicts our young heroine moving in with her sweetheart, players will have to work even harder to locate nooks and crannies in which to store all of her possessions. The good news is that there are just four chambers to explore, however one of them will take some time. This is how you should approach the 2010 level.

Cleaning up the kitchen

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Unlike previous chapters, 2010 will enable you to relocate things that have already been put, which is critical to kitchen success. As a result, you’ll need to remove the things from the shelves adjacent to the sink and store them in the fridge’s cabinet or on top of the stove. Various goods, such as sugar and cooking oil, will also need to be stored in the cabinet above the refrigerator.

Gather the orange pressure cooker, the bronze and silver pots, as well as the red strainer, and place them on the shelves close to the sink now that room has been created. After that, put any unboxed utensils in the right-hand drawers. To pass the level, the butcher’s knife must be kept in the top drawer.

Then, one by one, hang each picture and magnet from the boxes onto the refrigerator. A whiteboard from the bedroom will be useful here as well. Finally, there are a few electronics that need to be moved to the counter near the sink to complete this portion.

The living room is being unpacked.

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You’ll start unwrapping the living room by putting this enormous collection of volumes on the rear shelves, since the main character seems to have an unhealthy obsession with reading. You’ll come across minor objects like dice and sculptures when unpacking them. These may also be placed in the narrower areas between shelves, however the gamecube must be placed above one of the speakers.

If everything is done perfectly, there should only be two books remaining, which must both be put beneath the glass table. To finish, place the rest of the knickknacks in front of the TV or on top of the other speaker.

The bedroom is being unpacked

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You’ll find yourself putting all the unboxed clothing into the closet in the bedroom, and that’s not a terrible thing. We propose putting all shoes and weights beneath the shelves so that extra pants and shirts may be stored above them. The green hat may also be stored in the closet, but it must be placed below the left-hand hanging coats.

The blue blanket, purple handbag, and yoga mat, as well as the framed certificate you’ll unbox from the bathroom, may all be placed under the bed, as seen above. Any stuffed animals discovered in boxes around the home will be expected to be placed on the bed.

To finish the room, just place all of the remaining items on neighboring nightstands, with the exception of the red scrapbook, which must be placed on one of the lower shelves.

Getting the bathroom ready

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To unbox the bathroom quickly, separate the smaller things from the bigger ones. For example, clean out what’s currently in the sink drawer and replace it with the comb, hair straightener, and brush. Place the med-kit and pill box on the wall-mounted shelves once that is filled.

This should leave you with just the nail clippers, razor, toothbrush, and perfume, which can all be gathered around the sink. Any leftover objects should be put beneath the sink, but the kitchen’s wooden brush must be hanging inside the shower.

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